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Gary Tanashian is founder and editor of the popular Notes from the Rabbit Hole (NFTRH). Gary successfully owned and operated a progressive medical component manufacturing company for 21 years, keeping the company’s fundamentals in alignment with global economic realities through various economic cycles. The natural progression from this experience is an understanding of and appreciation for global macro-economics as it relates to individual markets and sectors.

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Let us hear no ghost stories about Banksters attacking gold or as Larry would say inflicting a “take down” on poor old gold, as if it’s planned, personal and a war of good vs. evil. Well it is, but “evil” is a moving target and sometimes...
This article discusses one diverse component of the broad global markets; the US S&P 500. The market has some poor underpinnings that we routinely keep track of in NFTRH and are beyond the scope of this public article. Also beyond the...
Gold mining stock charts have not yet confirmed a sustainable rally, and Q3 fundamentals may be a headwind.
If rapid M2 percentage growth forecast an inflation problem back in 2020, why would it not be forecasting deflationary pressure now?
Many have questioned why the gold price has failed to do the normal thing (decline significantly) in the face of high ‘real’ yields (an indication of very tight monetary policy)…
This article views the gold stock sector’s big picture bullish situation from the standpoint of a single indicator, the HUI/Gold ratio and its relationship to the 30 year Treasury bond yield.
This is a financial market article that also delves into social commentary. The new macro, as exemplified by the 30 year Treasury Bond yield chart below, will bring change; both social and financial. The two are, of course, related. Here...
There sure are a lot more indicators NFTRH uses to gauge the macro, but these three will suffice for the point of this article, which is that change is coming and the nature of that change could not be more different in its two potentials.
Ever since the the 30 year Treasury bond yield (one ‘top-down’ macro tool NFTRH uses to gauge the environment so that we may invest in, speculate upon or avoid certain situations, accordingly) broke its Continuum of pleasantly declining...
The question is ‘why?’. Why do Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve continue to tilt against the fading enemy known as inflation?

Gold is one of the most recycled substances in the world.

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