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Hugo Salinas Price is a Mexican citizen, born in the USA of an American mother and a Mexican father. He is 81 years of age. Married for 58 years to a Mexican wife; they have 18 grandchildren. He dropped out of three universities: Wharton, Monterrey Tec (Mexico) and National Autonomous University of Mexico.  Hugo started out in business life in 1952 as a General Manager of a tiny company manufacturing radios in Mexico City. He was 20 years old at the time and soon learned about the importance of having funds to meet the pay-roll every Friday. The company was owned by his father, and gradually turned into a manufacturing company with its own retailing branch, selling all sorts of consumer goods, including its own TVs.  His website is

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Let’s think about economic life around the world, as it was one hundred years ago – a very short time ago, in historical terms.
So, the Argentinean economy has collapsed and social and financial chaos reigns. We shall read a great deal about it, but you can be sure very few analysts, if any, will mention the actual and fundamental cause of this disaster. To do so...
In the Aztec language the name for gold is teocuitlatl which means "excrement of the gods."

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