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Peter Cooper

Peter Cooper has been a senior business and financial journalist for 20 years. Since selling his dot-com news website before the global financial crisis he's been a gold and silver investor. Cooper studied politics, philosophy and economics at Trinity College, Oxford University. He was 'financial journalist of the year' in the UK some 25 years ago for his scoop on the privatization of Russian real estate, the largest privatization of public property in history. You can reach Peter at: [email protected].

Peter Cooper Articles

The gold market is turning around right before our eyes and still hardly anybody seems to be paying much attention, while stocks markets wither on the vine and the US economic outlook weakens by the day. Gold prices were up more than two...
Gold closed the third quarter down 4.8 per cent at $1,115 an ounce. The summer months are the traditional doldrums for the gold market. But it could have been much worse with the early August low of $1,080. Gold bugs hope that was the...
Investors have no logical reason left not to buy gold and silver. The Federal Reserve is clearly involved in a failing bluff on interest rates that it dare not raise because the global economy is entering a recession.
Goldbugs are bemused by reports that the European Union competition watchdog is investigating alleged ‘anti-competitive behavior’ by participants in the precious metals market. But anybody who remembers how the EU broke up the cement...
The spotlight has been on the oil price over the past three trading days with a spectacular bounce of 27 per cent. Apply the same gain to the gold price and we would be looking at $1,450 an ounce.
What was the best asset class to buy for the recovery that followed the 2008-9 crash in global financial markets? Step forward gold whose rise was only exceeded by silver.
HSBC, the fourth-largest bank in the world, is predicting that the price of gold will be up 10 per cent by the end of this year and finish the year worth around $1,225 an ounce. Gold is down six per cent year-to-date.
Billionaire investor Stanley Druckenmiller has just raised his gold holdings to 20 per cent of the asset allocation reported by his Duquesne Family Office, according to
Gold prices jumped over the $1,100 hurdle easily today as the precious metal seemed to join in the rally with Chinese equities, and shorts were reminded that they can always get caught out when the latest sure-thing goes pear-shaped.
Is gold a buy now, or should you wait for a possible autumn price crash? With a six-year low for gold demand in the first half of this year and the lowest prices since the global financial crisis, the negative headlines for gold have...

With gold stolen by Conquistador Francisco Pizarro from the Inca Empire in 1532, Spain financed its conquest of Europe.

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