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The week was owned once again by talk of a debt ceiling. The markets didn't like it and had a pretty hefty fall and annulled any bullish pattern they had.

I remember my first sin. I committed it when I was six years of age and in first class. I was a shy and skinny kid. Traits I would eventually lose.

It was an exciting trading session Wednesday to say the least… With all the uncertainty floating around it is causing the stock market to be more volatile than normal.

It's the thick of summer now and I'm trying to take it pretty easy this weekend and perhaps another weekend or two while the warm weather is here.

Averaging $96 so far this summer, crude oil certainly doesn't feel cheap. Nevertheless, its technicals are looking increasingly bullish.

The dollar is and has been in a strong down trend for many years and I feel as though it's getting close to another major land slide.

The big talk these days is of the debt ceiling in the US having to be raised.

Copper is growing increasingly popular among speculators, who are catapulting this unassuming base metal up into the rarified ranks of market-darling commodities.

"According to the Wall Street Journal, economic experts now fear there may be a second recession: A second recession?

The past couple months (May and June) have been tough on precious metals and crude oil.

On Wednesday gold broke out from a 10-week long box or rectangular consolidation pattern to commence its next major upleg.

(In 2001 palladium reached $1,080/oz when gold was only $300/oz and platinum $715)

It's been an exciting couple months as stocks and commodities have moved like they are a roller coaster at a theme park.

It was another absolutely fantastic week.

Thanks to their powerful decade-old secular bull, commodities are growing increasingly popular among investors and speculators.

In the 19th century a saying, long since forgotten, was current on Lombard Street: "There is nothing easier in the world than the banker's profession - provided that he can tell a real bill and a mortgag

This has been an interesting year for both gold and oil.

The big talk these days is of the debt ceiling in the US having to be raised.

It was another absolutely fantastic week.

A couple weeks back on June 19th I posted my analysis on how the stock market was bottoming and that we needed a couple key sectors to participate before we would get a solid bounce.

It was an absolutely amazing week for leading stocks that we swing trade. The end of the first half of 2011 ended with a huge bang. Now we'll see this coming week if this breakout is for real.

"The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commenc

It was another wild week with no real direction in markets and precious metals are breaking down.

Thanks to June's sizable and rather-sharp stock-market selloff, fears are growing that a new bear market is brewing. For investors and speculators, the implications of these concerns are not trivial.


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