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Bear Markets always follow Bull markets and a severe stock market correction is long overdue. Bears Lair will spot, monitor and analyze the stock market correction as it develops.


During the 1970's the world watched closely as the Watergate scandal unfolded.

Stocks Firm, Gold Plunges

Varying Public Interest in Gold -

Want something undervalued?

Economic Data Still Market Friendly
Has gold bottomed ?

Has gold bottomed ?

Gold has been locked in a downtrend since February 1996 - and you will find most fund managers and financial advisors saying that this market sector should be avoided.

Economic Data Remain Friendly

In all my thirteen years on Wall Street, I can't recall ever personally witnessing a company come as close to extinction as Crystallex did, only to come roaring back and become one of the most dy

The immutable cyclic nature of investment markets - exacerbated by the IRRATIONAL EXUBERANCE demonstrated in the current market mania - force a prudent person to conclude that there will be a secular money c

Gold Through The Ages

The European Monetary Union (EMU) is scheduled to start by January 1, 1999.

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Gold is the official state mineral of Alaska.

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