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Bear Markets always follow Bull markets and a severe stock market correction is long overdue. Bears Lair will spot, monitor and analyze the stock market correction as it develops.


U.S. equities markets entered the initial stages of what we consider to be a crash last week.

Fear and panic becoming predominant sentiments among global investors

Bears were rewarded last week on Wall Street as a significant and long-standing technical development finally culminated with share prices falling hard towards the end of last week.

After enduring several years of harsh investor sentiment in the form of depressed share prices, several Canadian gold mining stocks appear ready to reverse course and return handsome dividends to their long-suffering shareholders.<...

These are surely giddy times for bears.

And why not? For most of them the summer's stock market crash came on with a warning that had all the subtlety of a brass band parading down Main Street.

The gold market is showing unmistakable signs of a turnaround that could witness in the coming weeks a bullish move to levels unseen since 1997.

Long-time readers of this commentary will have noticed the large emphasis we place on geometric patterns formed in the stock charts.

I am holding a flyer distributed by a supermarket chain in northern Spain.

Global markets, buoyed by short-term strength from buyers, evinced partial retracements of the declines that have plagued most major stock, bond and currency indices of late.

Monetary Realists, knowing not so much what they've been taught, but what they've learned with their eyes open and ears tuned, see things clearly, without peering through a haze of misinformation masquerading as knowledge.

Long-time readers of this commentary will have noticed the large emphasis we place on geometric patterns formed in the stock charts.

Life is just a bowl of pits. Rodney Dangerfield


September 17, 1998 05:23 GMT -- Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan's testimony before the House Banking Committee Wednesday confirmed something we have been forecasting for the end of the 1990s: a deflationary global debt collapse and wha

We wrote last week of the high potential for a crash on Wall Street, basing our argument on the confluence of cyclical and geo-harmonic patterns that were to have occurred during the week.

September 12, 1998 05:06 GMT -- The long-awaited report from Independent Council Kenneth Starr is finally out, and the U.S. stock market didn't seem to care.

Monetary Realists--both of us--are like the little boy in the story of the Emperor's new clothes. Untrained in economics, we do not know what we are supposed to see; and we have escaped the indoctrination, a.k.a.

Greg Mastel is a member of the Washington think-tank Economic Strategy Institute.

I was preparing a column about CNBC last week when the following message arrived via e-mail from my friend and colleague, Michael Belkin:

The bear market has unfolded almost exactly to our parameters over the past couple of weeks. We are now fully convinced—from a technical perspective—that the trend is indeed bearish with the bull all but dead.

For short-term gold investors, last week was not an enjoyable one. For it was during that time that gold's long-term technical support at $285/oz.

Among life's few certainties is the passage of time. The year 2000 is coming, ready or not. Indeed, it is almost upon us.

The long-awaited bear market has finally arrived. While not making its presence known in singular fashion as we might have expected, it nonetheless has given us every indication that it has wandered into the U.S.

Exactly sixteen years ago, with the Dow Industrial Average wallowing in the doldrums near 800, Elliott Wave theorist Robert S.

Most people do not wish to be alarmist, nor do they wish us to be alarmist. Yet, sometimes the reality of a situation sounds alarmist.

GOLD, Is it US$284, C$440 or $A490 ? -

Many gold market observers and participants have marveled at the gold price action over the last few years, feeling it has defied any rational explanation.

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