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Bear Markets always follow Bull markets and a severe stock market correction is long overdue. Bears Lair will spot, monitor and analyze the stock market correction as it develops.


The dollar has been in a three-year bull market. It has moved massively against the yen and the exchange rates of many of the world's emerging economies.

The internet has established itself as the truly rising star of human communication that people have dreamed of since spoken and written words were first exchanged.

The preternatural strength of U.S. stocks these days comes down to one disquieting fact: most investors don't know what else to do with their surplus cash.

The Dow and the Chicago Bulls exit with a flourish

With the continual drop in the price of gold the question as to WHO IS BUYING ALL THE GOLD has to be raised yet again, I would like you to consider the following hypothesis:

A banker asked a Native American for collateral for a loan of $500, and the Native American said he had no idea what collateral was.

The interest being paid on the national debt is about a billion dollars per working day. It is being paid, ultimately, to the bankers, because the bankers are the source of our money.

Late last year the Swiss government made the startling announcement that it may sell more than half of its gold reserves.

Interesting developments have occurred in the leading global stock market indices since we made our last market comments.

The venerable Winston Churchill once observed, "The farther back one looks, the further in the future one may see." On the other hand a sage saw of Wall Street asserts "History repeats, and history doesn't repeat… with

In a way, China led the devaluation parade, having cut the yuan 70% against the dollar in 1994 after five previous devaluations in the last 13 years.

Bank credit is the single most important element behind the economic stability—or instability—of nearly every country in the world under the control of a central bank.

We have previously noted that money has a political, as well as economic, significance.

How large can a bubble grow before it bursts? Farther than you think. And there need not be a fatal pinprick that makes it burst.

Orders for Computers, Communications Equipment, and Semiconductors

It does not occur anywhere near frequently enough, but when it does, the objective seeker of truth is potentially richly rewarded. It banishes boredom, it chases conformity, and it stimulates serious reflection.

I am fascinated by our fixation on the story of the ill-fated Titanic.

As a newbie gold bug, I have been reading the articles and essays by the contributors to Gold-Eagle. I have had some questions rise in my mind and would like to run them by the analysts.

The NASDAQ market index fared just as poorly, falling nearly 27 points to close at 1778. Our volume and momentum indicators also continued to fall, providing further confirmation for our ongoing bearish scenario.

It has been remarked that the elevator business has its ups and downs, and the same could be said (if you were totally devoid of any self-respect) of the airline business.

Gold is not used as money today, and there seems to be no very strong movement to return it to that status. Ditto for silver. That isn't surprising.

We commented last week on the renewed turmoil in Asian markets, and that turmoil shows no sign of abating anytime soon.

Silver bulls everywhere should take a moment and nod an appreciation of thanks for a great favor rendered towards Warren Buffett, the fabled investment genius, for his recent foray into the silver market.

If your town obtained its water from a single well, and that well was in your back yard, you would be an important person in that town, whether you wanted to or not.

"Here Come the Precious Metals!" We are increasingly confident that the silvers made an important Bottom last July and golds last December.

One of the chief hallmarks of stock market bubbles (as we are presently experiencing) is the prolific rate at which publicly traded companies attempt to enhance their bottom line through mergers and acquisitions.

As the threat of a global computer meltdown in the new millennium bears down on us, one should expect to see growing signs of nervousness in corporate board rooms and on Wall Street.

"Indonesia's financial markets plummeted for a second straight day, contributing to sharp declines in stocks around Asia, as unrest escalated in at least four Indonesian cities following fuel-price increases mandated by the Interna

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Gold was first discovered in U.S. at the Reed farm in North Carolina in 1799, a 17-pound nugget.

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