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Bear Markets always follow Bull markets and a severe stock market correction is long overdue. Bears Lair will spot, monitor and analyze the stock market correction as it develops.


From Thomas Jefferson, in an address to his fellow 'founding fathers' of the new nation:


Our December 13th feature "STRESS TEST" was eerily on the money as far as President Clinton was concerned (for complete text, see the December 13th listing at the end of this posting).

I really hadn't planned on writing another gold/silver lease scam piece for awhile, but I happened to read Martin Armstrong's article of 1/28/98, and I got the feeling he was taking issue with my contention that the silver lease co

Sometime ago we ran across an interesting table showing the annual high and low for the London PM gold fix from 1979 to 1996.

As economies continue to implode, world leadership continues to show a total misunderstanding of financial dynamics.

The Dines Letter was the world's only investment advisory to have predicted the Asian currency crash in advance. Some of these past 18 predictions are already coming true:

I had not intended on adding another chapter to this essay, but Mr. Soros's words have left me restless and fueled a fire in my belly.

Fifteen years is a long time. In the financial world it is an eternity. Take a moment and reflect on what your life was like then, fifteen years ago.

Business couldn't be better, consumers are as confident as they've been inyears, the dollar is king and interest rates are bouncing near multi-year lows.

Can a leopard change his spots...?

Gold's Value in Asian Currencies

Introduction by vronsky -

Current Fundamentals

Well it's 1998, a New Year, and doubtless many Goldbugs are looking forward to the end of Civilization itself, while many stockmarketeers anticipate an imminent Dow 20,000.

The Alchemist Theory: Gold is Dead

With Asia's financial markets festering seemingly beyond remedy, Japan mired in near-depression, and the locomotive economy of South Korea in danger of seizing, why has Wall Street barely flinched?

The key to financial independence is to know who will win the hidden battle between the U.S. dollar and gold.

When commenting at the recent APEC Leaders Summit in Vancouver, Canada, on the financial situation in Asia, President Clinton's view was that it was "Just a glitch in the road"

To understand why the coming bear market will be far more destructive than any before it, ponder the cataclysm that befell the fictional planet Altair-4.

When we undertake the dynamics of financial analysis, all too often we look at what we can see and ignore the dynamics happening beneath the surface.

If aggressive young Asians had only listened to their ancestors: "GOLD is the only money which retains its value over time!"

It can't be denied we were quite gratified to see Jupiter's predicted effect upon silver for mid-December come to pass. The big sextile to NYSE Moon at 19 Aries from 19 Aquarius was a textbook short-term astrological play.

Since my first writing about a world wide financial collapse, the world has witnessed the bankruptcies of Korea, of two Japanese banks, and the fourth largest Japanese securities company.


Since 1993 the financial markets have displayed unprecedented "IRRATIONAL

Financial Gods

Back in 1966 when he was still a member of his mentor's (Ayn Rand's) Court, Greenspan penned an essay entitled, "Gold and Economic Freedom," which explained the staying power of gold.


Greenspan's Thorn -

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A gold nugget can be worth three to four times the value of the gold it contains because they are so rare.

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