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December 31, 1997

Well it's 1998, a New Year, and doubtless many Goldbugs are looking forward to the end of Civilization itself, while many stockmarketeers anticipate an imminent Dow 20,000. We suspect both camps may be somewhat disappointed, but the truth will likely lie somewhere in between these most extreme prognostications.

Inasmuch as we ARE of an astrological bent, permit us to venture into the murky world of the future with a few observations of our own. We like to kick off a New Year with both a warning list of potential hotspots around the world, as well as our campy tribute to magazine horoscopes. The serious business comes first, as we take a look at some national horoscopes for some clues to future activities. In no particular order, other than obviously alphabetical, and in no way all we might comment on, we find the following points of interest in 1998:

CAMBODIA - Shades of Vietnam War days, Cambodia will receive a Saturn conjunction to its Mercury and Sun from mid April through mid May. Folks with ties to this country may want to be especially vigilant in this time window. Happening in the 4th House, this may portend domestic leadership upheaval and hard circumstances. Book your chopper ride now.

CHILE - Pluto is conjuncting Chile's Neptune at 6 Sagittarius right now. The pass-by this year may leave significant social waves in its wake, coming as it does in the 11th House. Whatever emerges now will be exacerbated again by May and June, with a final crisis in October.

COSTA RICA - Jupiter conjuncts this lovely country's Neptune on January 22/23, just when it squares NYSE Sun. A portent of Latin American involvement in a stockmarket "stress test"? The big planet goes on to hit Costa Rica's Saturn the first few days of February. Going as it does from 4th House to 5th, we see the potential for domestic problems spilling over into speculative market turmoil. We also want to watch for acts of God and Nature here as well.

DENMARK - We realize not too many folks hang on every bit of news out of Copenhagen, but we always were partial to Blue Cheese and good vodka. If we deign to observe the Danes from late April through early June, we might see some visible effects from a Saturn conjunction with Denmark's Uranus and Pluto in the 8th House. This is a potent combination, and will doubtless have some meaning to residents and interested parties. Possibilities range from underlying financial problems to an important death, to virtual revolution, as strange as that may sound.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Sorry to belabor the obscure, but Saturn's conjunction with the DR's Pluto in early April will be at least important to Dominican Republicans. We suspect Democrats there will be concerned as well.

EL SALVADOR - This nation's Pluto is just about at 18 degrees Aries, where Saturn takes it out in very early March. We might even see action here at the end of February. This comes in the First House and opposes the country's Mars. Military maneuvering comes to mind, but in any event, there might be some kind of shakin' goin' on.

ETHIOPIA - Not viewed as highly as it once was in the world's eyes, Ethiopia will receive a Saturn conjunction to its Venus at the end of June. We didn't THINK you cared. But coming in the 11th House, dare we interpret this as some kind of social activity relating to women? Takes a lassie to get Ethiopia back in the news?

GREECE - First few days of February has Jupiter lining up with Greece's Mercury. In the 10th House, the messenger of the Gods may be stimulated here to tip us off to governmental escapades on Mount Olympus. Beware of gifts bearing Greeks.

GUATEMALA - Are you beginning to see a pattern here re Central America? Saturn crunches Guatemala's Pluto on its final pass this century end of February. Then it goes on to conjunct the natal Sun mid May. This 9th House action may bring up some potent questions concerning Guatemalan institutions. We are also beginning to worry about some kind of general Central American wave of concern, be it financial, military, or even seismic in nature. Should we be looking more carefully at coffee futures this spring?

HONDURAS - Here we go again. Honduran Pluto is at 16.26 Aries. Many of these Central American countries were "incorporated" around the same time, so Pluto, being the slowest moving planet in our solar system, tends to be around the same spot for a long while. February has Saturn hitting this Zodiac degree in the 3rd House - the House of immediate kin, neighbors, communication, and environmental concerns. Again, we worry about what Mother Nature may have in store for this region. We already know what kind of trouble Uncle Sam might make. Better lay in a supply of your favorite cigars.

IRAQ - Now that some of the prelims are over, we can enjoy the main events. Iraq's Mars, planet of war (even kids know that), awaits Saturn's toughlove embrace end of April, early May. In the 10th House, house of government and leadership, this naturally involves everyone's favorite pariah, Saddam Hussein. Iraq without Saddam is like a heap leach without cyanide. The conjunction opposes Iraq's Jupiter at 22 Libra, in the 4th House. This will not play well domestically with Iraq's usually smiley faced populace, and overall good nature.

IRELAND - We don't know if Irish eyes will be smilin', but they will be wide open without doubt when Saturn sweeps by the country's Mars, Sun, Mercury, and Venus lineup from late March into all of August. The real hotspot to watch is around April 2nd when transiting Mars joins Saturn on top of Ireland's Mars. This is potentially militant and explosive. 10th House government affairs are clearly delineated here. Let's hope it merely signifies a boost in Irish energy and influence.

LIBERIA - Saturn does its thing to Liberia from March through early May, sweeping by the nation's highly volatile Uranus, Mars, Pluto conjunction. Folks involved with Liberia should be ready for anything from strikes and revolutionary turmoil, to major health emergencies.

LUXEMBOURG - We notice Saturn conjunct this national Pluto end of February, then the Sun end of May. 9th House indicates institutional stress. Anyone have any guesses?

MALTA - We know you've been waiting for this, so, for what it's worth, in late January transiting Jupiter conjuncts Malta's Saturn, while squaring its natal Jupiter around the time it does its number on the NYSE.

MAURITIUS - Mauritius looks propitious as well, with Jupiter taking on its gentle Mercury/Venus conjunction at 23/25 Aquarius early to mid January. This could be rather nice, actually. An important export here is sugar. With Venus and Jupiter involved, we would watch that market closely in January.

MEXICO - Mexico is astrologically a challenge because astrologers cleave between two important dates for this country's founding. The revolt against Spain commenced on September 16, 1810, but independence was not officially won until August 24, 1821. Not to worry, both charts are hot in '98! In the 1810 chart, Pluto is already conjuncting Mexico's Neptune at 6 Sagittarius, and will go on to conjunct Saturn by January '99. The need here is the rooting out of corruption in high places during a major period of adjustment. In the 1821 chart, the good news is that Neptune is moving out of opposition to Mexico's Moon, where it's been all through the recent "troubles." The bad news is that Saturn is coming in to crunch Mexico's Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in the 5th House from early May to mid June. The Mexican Bolsa may turn out to be an empty purse by the time this aspect is history. Folks looking to short Mexico may want to be especially ready on the trigger as May approaches. Saturn actually gets there Cinco de Mayo. Caramba!

MOZAMBIQUE - This nation's highly visible, and vulnerable, Jupiter/Mars conjunction 5 degrees apart in the 1st House will take a hit from Saturn between mid March and early May. The Moon in the 10th gets squared just prior, and we may have to watch for the government changing hands in a less than orthodox fashion. Mars gets in there for additional aggravation the first week of April. This may be the flashpoint in the news from Mozambique.

NEW ZEALAND - From June on, NZers can look forward to Saturn conjuncting their national Pluto for the rest of the year, between forward and retrograde action. This can mean general belt tightening for the public at large, and restrictions on national wealth. We are always wary of natural upheavals and such where Pluto is involved, though a conjunction from Uranus might be more worrisome in that regard. That will not come for New Zealand until the year 2018.

NICARAGUA - Once more, a Central American in the path of Saturn. Watch mid April to late May. Natal Saturn/Jupiter in the way in the 4th portends the possible upset of a delicate domestic balance here.

PERU - Another country with a natal Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Aries is Peru. Saturn gets there a bit later than its rendezvous in Nicaragua. Watch the entire month of May, and into early June.

SAUDI ARABIA - Always a 900 pound gorilla in any collection, Saudi is no exception to the Saturn swath being cut through many horoscopes this year. In this case it is natal Uranus that takes the conjunction, in the 4th House. Occurring early in April, at a fateful 22 degrees Aries, and moving into dramatic T Square with Saudi's natal Saturn in the "Money" House, and it's Pluto in the 8th, this configuration promises significant financial and power relationship action. We would be especially alert the first week in April for sparks that might illuminate this situation. Perhaps the long anticipated open shift in rulership and philosophy seen developing in this important oil producing nation.

SWITZERLAND - Vaunted Swiss secrecy went to the winds in '97 as W.W.II scandal cracked the mask of financial and moral propriety this nation had enjoyed for so long. Perhaps another shoe will drop when Saturn passes over Swiss Uranus and Pluto from late March through mid May. In the 5th House, this does not bode well for Swiss stocks.

SYRIA - Syria's natal Saturn/Jupiter conjunction at 23/27 Capricorn receives a square from transiting Saturn in April and May. The list of nations getting significant Saturn hits in these two months leads us to believe that some overlaying world event may tie this all together somehow.

THAILAND - With her Uranus at just about 23 degrees Aries, Thailand will get one more shock, at least, when Saturn passes by the third week in April.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - And last but not least in our list of nations, the USA gets a booming T Square from Saturn to its natal Mercury/Pluto opposition. This happens from mid April to later in May. Last time this happened was the summer of '68, which, if we recall correctly, turned out to be long and hot domestically, and not a bad season for silver. Face the music time. All told, April and May are looming as important months in '98, worldwide!


We realize our Solar Horoscopes for all you Zodiac types out there have about as much relevance to true astrology as Bing Crosby singing "White Christmas" has to the birth of a Messiah, but somehow they go like cranberry sauce with turkey. So we would be remiss if we didn't give you your generic "horoscope" reading for the New Year ahead. In our homage to tradition, let us have at the genre! All comments are based on your Solar chart houses.

Aries: March 21 - April 20

With Saturn passing through, the heavy workload of late will be easing gradually. Maybe you've learned a lesson about running out after too many worlds to conquer all at once! Late March, early April require vigilance, especially if you're trading silver!

Taurus: April 21 - May 21

You've been feeling the brunt of a storm front in your life. Why couldn't you just have been born rich? Lovely Venus visits you in June, but so does crusty Saturn. And he won't make things any easier. Workload intensifies in the second half. Sit down and play with your gold coins a little. You both need the attention.

Gemini: May 22 - June 21

You're nervous as an Asian currency on George Soros' quote screen. Put-upon as never before. June brings refreshed energy and perhaps a more romantic edge to things. Don't talk to strangers on the internet so much, and keep all your trades short term this year.

Cancer: June 22 - July 23

Some agency, authority figure, or an older man has been either helping you up the ladder gently, or making your life a living hell. Don't be so sensitive. You'll feel a lot better about things by mid summer. Find some time to party, to dress up an otherwise dull year.

Leo: July 24 - August 23

You've been feeling great changes coming upon you for the past year. They'll continue. You've been remarkably able to rise to the top in every recent skirmish, and seemingly impervious to the law. That's because you've been following "the law" in your heart. If you ever stop checking with conscience, you'll fall off your tightrope.

Virgo: August 24 - September 23

You'll be just as picky and critical this year as you were last year. But somewhat more forgiving. If only grudgingly. You seriously contemplate taking up some spiritual path. This makes the angels shudder in apprehension. They really don't want to have to deal with you. Just don't get caught holding steel stocks in April.

Libra: September 24 - October 23

Your innate charm has worked well for you in the past year. Diplomacy has saved the day. It always does for you. Strange new people, foreigners, and unexpected benefactors will hover in the background this year. Legal difficulties may fade as amorphously as they came. Buy crude oil early January and sell it early February. Buy it back again at the end of March. That should keep you busy.

Scorpio: October 24 - November 22

Jupiter sends nice supporting energy from Pisces all year, and Mars joins in February. Make your big moves then, if you can. Maybe trading shrimp futures. Then look forward to the first few weeks in August. Enjoy a beach vacation or lakeside hideaway with friends. Companionship at that time will crystallize the future, even as clouds of paranoia gather.

Sagittarius: November 23 - December 21

The Meaning of Life is being slowly, inexorably revealed to you. But you don't know what to do with the revelations, and besides, everyone thinks you're crazy anyhow. Pluto in your Sun sign will bring revolutions in thought and experience for years to come. Just keep that cosmic seatbelt fastened tight.

Capricorn: December 22 - January 20

You've been very proud of yourself lately. You are quite impressed with the way you've weathered a few jolting years. You haven't missed catching the opportunities in the crises, and now you're feeling almost cocky. Just remember status and money aren't everything. They are merely accessories to a greater accomplishment that does service to mankind. Take stock of your life direction now.

Aquarius: January 21 - February 19

Neptune enters your Sun sign this year, and he'll stay for a long, long time. You become kinder and gentler, and more prone to sentimentality and delusion than ever. Better lose that "I know better than everyone else" attitude though. By the time Neptune leaves Aquarius in 2012, the one thing you'll know for sure is that you don't know anything!

Pisces: February 20 - March 20

With Jupiter entering your Sun sign early on, all kinds of expansive opportunities await you in the New Year. Thoughts and feelings toward your fellow man become more humane. Ignore them and trade some Platinum in February.

The Astrological Investor wishes all our visitors and friends, and the world at large, a happy, healthy, prosperous, and otherwise marvelous New Year!

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