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Crystallex International Corporation (KRY) The Mother Of All-Turnarounds

January 12, 1997

In all my thirteen years on Wall Street, I can't recall ever personally witnessing a company come as close to extinction as Crystallex did, only to come roaring back and become one of the most dynamic growing gold companies in the world today. Any company that can pull off such a magnificent turnaround deserves the attention Crystallex is now getting.

I must tell you that I had once refused to consider Crystallex (and thankfully so) because of one of its former principle officer's involvement. I was not alone in that effort, but it's important to note that party is now completely gone. In fact, his replacement, is one of the key reasons for Crystallex's remarkable comeback. Ironically, the new president is as far removed from the previous person referred to, as Mercury is from Pluto.

Serious mining share players are urged to make Crystallex a significant part of their gold portfolio. Peter Grandich Company is not a compensated consultant but has agreed to accept a monetary fee for Crystallex's right to reprint and distribute copies of this report.

I do not wish to continuously refer to KRY's past, but it's important to understand and to fully appreciate how undervalued KRY now is.

A few years ago, there was a mad rush into what is known as the Kilometer 88 region of Venezuela. The knowledge of Venezuela's previous role a century ago as the world's largest gold producer, the discovery by Placer Dome of a major gold deposit known as the Las Christinas, and the evolving fast-paced expansion by mining companies into areas of the world that have not had modern technology explorations programs, led KRY to its first concession in Venezuela, known as the Albino.

Unfortunately, the combination of questionable decisions and actions by KRY's previous management, a lack of substantial new discoveries, and economic and political upheaval in Venezuela, led KRY into a spiraling decline both in its business and share price.

The final nail in the coffin was about to be struck, KRY made a radical decision to remove the previous President and replace him with a gentleman named Marc Oppenheimer.

Mr. Oppenheimer, who had an extensive and well-known background in banking and turnarounds, literally began making in the emergency room, but quickly through shrewd, ingenious methods not only stopped the bleeding but put KRY back on a growth path towards success.

During 1994 and 1995, Venezuela's previous economic policies and nationalistic enterprise system discouraged most from investing in Venezuela and as fast as Kilometer 88 came on the scene it quickly went off most maps, yet KRY managed to operate profitably in 1995.

Now, with favorable legislation for miners returning to Venezuela, a series of financial benefits now open to KRY and others in the country, the vast potential originally viewed by the first mad rush is now being placed back on investor's map for mining and exploration success worldwide.

The evidence is overwhelming on KRY's ability to grow rapidly. They include:


Gold production in 1995 was 16,391ounces of which an $.11 per fully diluted share in earnings was achieved, including currency hedging. Operating costs of US$123 per ounce made it one of the lowest cost producing gold operations in the world.

Due to the requirements to expand the mill's capacity at Albino to 400 metric tons per day, production for fiscal 1996 was significantly reduced. This has already been discounted. Additionally, the Company's strategy of strategic alliances should allow production and expiration to be further enhanced.

While the potential future cash flow from production makes the stock attractive on its own, the tremendous "blue sky" at the Albino and numerous other attractive concessions KRY controls in Venezuela, make its current share price quite inexpensive.

Unlike most other juniors, KRY can finance a large part of its exploration drilling with internal cash flow. The balance sheet is truly a sight to be seen, particularly when compared to other juniors.



As more investors, professionals, and individuals alike become aware of the dramatic turnaround completed at KRY, as they engross themselves in a financially sound, well managed mining team who has positioned KRY for significant upside potential, investors who purchase shares at current levels can truly be optimistic that it could be only a question of when, not if, KRY succeeds.


C O R P O R A T E   S U M M A R Y

Symbol KRY - Traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange
       Shares Issued 24.7 million      
       Fully Diluted 32.7 million      
       Cash On Hand $20 million CDN      
       Long Term Debt $500,000 CDN      
       Current Price $2.15 CDN      
       52 week range high $3.64 - low $1.90      


Corporate Address: 889 West Pender Street, Suite 800  
                            Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 3B2  
                            Tel. U.S. and Canada 1-800-738-1577  
Contact for info - A. Richard Marshall, V. P. Corporate Development

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