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May 29, 2000

Gold futures bottomed Friday, May 26th on the Comex - and should begin rallying into June.

May 27, 2000

Among the factors depressing the gold price in recent years, forward selling and other hedging activities have been prominent. Producer hedging has added as much as two years' of future production since year end 1996 to normal mine supply.

On May 24, the Silver Institute issued a press release, highlighting the particulars of its World Silver Survey 2000, created for them by Gold Fields Mineral Services (GFMS).

May 24, 2000

So it was recognized -almost immediately after the 1929 Crash- that much of the economic hype and Wall Street exuberance had been unjustified. Yes, the economy had seen almost a decade of inflation-free growth.

May 22, 2000

The herd must be getting nervous. Peter Jennings on ABC's Evening News has told us about the collapse of both and the Digital Entertainment Network on the same day. Looks like all the NASDAQ doomers weren't so loony after all.

The relentless erosion of Europe's new currency is deeply troubling -- the more so because no one seems to understand what is causing the decline, much less why it is all but guaranteed to continue until the euro goes bust.

May 21, 2000

It's fitting that I write this essay on the twentieth anniversary of the Mt. Saint Helen's Volcano. To truly understand raw power there's nothing quite like observing an exploding volcano from a safe distance.

May 19, 2000

When gold mines are the subject of a conversation, there is often an attempt to group similar mines together. Perhaps the criteria are large mines versus smaller mines, or else North American mines in comparison to South African and to Australian mines.

May 18, 2000

A moderately negative Wednesday . . . was the expectation all week, particularly as we got the desired rallying ahead of the FOMC meeting, and during the Retail, PPI and CPI numbers as we desired.

Crude oil prices climbed the Matterhorn recently -- first with a spike to $25 in late September, then with a precipitous drop to around $20 two weeks later.

For a many years now, investors in silver and silver mining companies have been waiting for an explosion in the price of the metal that was to be triggered by the growing supply-demand deficit and the gradual elimination of silver inventories.

May 17, 2000

There is so much talk of "our current strong economy" that one might be tempted to believe it.

May 16, 2000

In my interview with Congressman Paul, which was published in the May issue of J Taylor's Gold & Technology stocks, the Congressman Paul said he believes the powers that be are intervening in the gold markets to keep the price of gold suppressed.

One of the best ways to evaluate any stock is to compare salient characteristics with those of the same class. If one is to determine if a particular stock is dearly priced or is cheap, just compare it with its peers to put it into perspective.

Testifying before Congress in mid-1998 on the subject of over-the-counter derivatives, Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan set off a minor fire storm in the gold community when he observed: "Nor can private counterparties restrict supplies of gold, another commodity wh

Bullion banks expanded their short position in gold by dramatic proportions in the fourth quarter of 1999. Gold derivatives outstanding increased by a record $24.2 billion to $87.6 billion, the largest quarterly increase ever.

May 15, 2000

May 12, 2000

Supply Side University: Spring Semester, Lesson #13

To: SSU Students

From: Jude Wanniski

Re: Q&A on a return to a gold standard

May 13, 2000

The Euro-gloom that prevailed early last summer, in sharp contrast to the Euro-phoria that had accompanied the new European currency’s launch only seven months earlier, proved irresistible.

May 12, 2000

A "Quadruple Bypass" . .

May 10, 2000

The economic contraction that started in 1929 was the worst in history. Given the scale and importance of this event, it is remarkable how little is generally known about both its course and its causes.

May 8, 2000

I've developed a bad habit lately - I don't answer a lot of my e-mail. I feel bad about it because I want to answer, but I can't.

May 5, 2000

A "Buyers Strike" . .

These are times of unprecedented volatility in the financial markets, particularly on Wall Street.

Our local hometown hero, Durban Roodepoort Deep, released it's Q1 2000 operating results on 3 May 2000.

May 3, 2000

May 1, 2000

The previous installment in the Bubble series ended with a view hints of how one could about using the long and strong psychological lever offered by the Dow Jones if one happened to be assigned the task of engineering a soft and controlled landing for the equi

The prospect of a sound American government fiscal policy under either Republocrat nominee is bleak at best. Precious metals should do quite well as the economic structural rot is further exposed, like a receding gumline.

My most recent jeremiad in this space drew such a savage response from some quarters that I am obliged to consider the bullish case, which may be firming, at least for the near-term.

April 28, 2000

A "fade" in-front of the ECI and GDP deflator . .

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