Gold-Eagle Gold Fund Index

Our index is composed of 15 global Precious Metals Mutual Funds (see list below chart). Their investment portfolios contain thousands  of different mining companies, whose operations span the globe: USA, Canada, South America, Mexico,  South Africa, Australia and Indonesia. The Gold-Eagle Gold Fund Index is a surrogate for the global gold mining industry.

Each of the following have equal weight in the Gold-Eagle Gold Fund Index:

FSAGX - Fidelity Select American Gold

FGLDX - Invesco Strategic Gold

SCGDX - Scudder Gold

UNWPX - U.S. World Gold

VGPMX - Vanguard Specialized Gold

FKRCX - Franklin Gold (A/SA)

USERX - US Gold Shares (SA)

OPGSX - Oppenheimer Gold

RYPMX – Rydex Precious Metals

TGLDX – Tocqueville Gold Fund

USAGX – USAA Precious Metals Fund

INIVX – Van Eck International Gold Fund

MIDSX – Midas Fund

EKWBX – Evergreen Precious Metals Fund

ASA – ASA Gold & Precious Metals



The first use of gold as money occurred around 700 B.C., when Lydian merchants (western Turkey) produced the first coins

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