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Gold, Silver, Platinum Forecasts – Gold Rebounds Above $2350

May 27, 2024

NEW YORK (May 27) Gold gains ground as demand for precious metals is rising. RSI is in the moderate territory, so there is plenty of room to gain additional upside momentum.

If gold settles above the $2350 level, it will head towards the next resistance, which is located in the $2390 – $2400 range.

Silver rallies as gold/silver ratio declined towards the 74 level. Such levels were last seen back in 2021.

If silver stays above the $31.20 level, it will move towards the next resistance at $33.50 – $34.00.

Platinum gained strong upside momentum amid a broad rally in precious metals markets.

In case platinum settles above the $1050 level, it will get to the test of the resistance at $1070 – $1080.


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