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A 7-8% Stock Market Drop Dead Ahead?

November 18, 2019

The top of the recent stock market wave looks to be ending on Monday, Nov 18, the Leo moon and Bradley turn. All I’m looking for is an irregular higher top on Dec 3. I’m expecting about 4 points up on the open, then down to 3079/80 by Nov 21. A bigger down move from Dec 9-11 is expected into the Gemini moon, wave b to c is in the offing, down about 7-8% total from Dec 3. Dec 9 is a 27 CD and Jupiter/Saturn top!

Normally, Dec 2 should be THE top, but the half day involved on Nov 29 could skew things a bit. Dec 3 is a BIG Bradley turn date with two topping astro-sextiles. Looks like a repeat of July 15-Aug 5 and possibly forward into March 2020.

Dec 11 is FED announcement day.  No change expected, so nothing there. A bounce into the Leo moon of 12/16; down into the Virgo moon on 12/18 then up into the Bradley on the 19th then down into the 23rd, another Bradley expected. 12/30 is another big Bradley date and expected to be a top if my scenario is correct. The daily Bollinger Band is at the exact same width it was on July 12th, 2019 and closing.

The Precious Metals and miners are due a rally into the week of Dec 9-13, the week the stock market is supposed to take a dive. Another drop into Christmas is expected, followed by one last rally of Wave Y into late March or early April 2020. A nice Wave Z drop into around the week of Aug 10-14 should terminate Wave B.

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