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Are You Prepared for the Economic Disaster Ahead Predicted by This Week’s POTUS & Banker Meeting?

August 22, 2013

As all of you know that have subscribed to this newsletter since 2006 and watched my YouTube channel since 2008, I left the commercial banking industry in 2004 because of my disdain for what I saw to be an increasingly unfeeling, greedy, selfish, and inhumane industry. But I also started my own company back then to help people get through the difficult times that we predicted would be on its way as far back as 2006 and that are now here. At SmartKnowledgeU, we have always taken great pride in the level and meticulous nature of our research and our ability to see coming trends that help protect our clients well before they happen. For example, just check out our blog article from October 15, 2007 called “The Coming Investment Crisis: Beware the Turbulence that Lies Beneath the Surface” (if you have not yet read this article, the bulk of it also applies to the recent rise in US stock markets TODAY as well).  I followed up this article in September 19, 2007 with another article called “The Signs of a Peak Investment Crisis Keep Coming.” After this article, we were among a few investment research firms in the entire world that correctly predicted that collapses of Wall Street firms were coming and indeed that happened, as Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns, and Lehman Brothers all collapsed in 2008. Later that year, we were publicly raked over the coals by Wall Street cheerleaders for my April 23, 2008 article “Will US Markets Crash Now or Later?” that I wrote after analyzing the role of the US Federal Reserve in the ongoing fake recovery of US markets at the time and concluding that it was unsustainable. Indeed, US markets plummeted by about 50%, starting its great descent just 18 business days AFTER I released my prediction of a coming market slaughter.

Three years ago, back in March of 2010, I was one of the first to discuss the coming “currency wars” that so many analysts now speak about openly today, in my article, “In the REAL World Series of Poker, the Stakes are Default of Sovereign Debt”.  Today, we have seen US Treasury bond yields and Indian rupee bond yields absolutely soar as the events that I predicted more than 3 years ago are now happening. On April 18, 2013, right when the banking cartel started slamming gold $200 lower immediately after meeting with the US President in the White House, I penned an article “Why the Western Banking Cartel’s Gold and Silver Price Slam Will Backfire”. In this article, I specifically informed people that part of the blowback of this massive banker committed fraud to falsely convince people that gold was not a safe haven would be the following:

“We can safely assume that the same entities that withdrew their physical gold and silver from the banking system will not return and store any of their physical gold and silver within the global banking system in the future. This will prevent bankers from re-hypothecating physical gold and physical silver and selling the same gold ounce and the same silver ounce over and over to multiple persons and accounts as they have been doing for decades. Or if instead, the banks up their re-hypothecation schemes and sell the same ounce of gold 10 times instead of 5 times due to their physical gold and physical silver reserves diminishing, then smaller withdrawals of physical PMs from their vaults will result in greater stresses on their abilities to suppress the price of gold and silver in the months ahead.”

Notice that I said the stresses on the global banking cartel’s ability to suppress the price of gold and silver in the months ahead, NOT the years ahead. And what has happened in the few months since I penned this article?  Gold has risen 16% and silver has risen 24% off their respective lows since just this past July, and the COMEX gold warehouse depositories are being rapidly drained of both their eligible and registered physical gold. Finally this past Monday, the POTUS Obama met with ALL top US banking regulators and the chairman of the Rothschild Private Bank (aka the US Federal Reserve).  Though the media has sold this meeting as a forum to discuss Dodd-Frank regulations, I am not buying this explanation as the mission for this meeting.  The most credible explanation of why Obama met with all the top US banking regulators this past Monday, in my humble opinion based on very detailed research (available to our clients), is because the US banking system is suffering a critical crisis and stresses right now. Furthermore, all top US banking executives are hiding the incredible stresses in the institutions they run from the public with their falsified earnings statements and stock pumping schemes. Thus, since all of my past predictions are in writing and verifiable in print online, please go check them out for yourself, as I’ve provided the links in this article.  Also remember, though I reserve the most specific information for my clients and not the public, I have on occasion, provided very detailed information of my predictions for price movements in the gold market, as was the case in my article “Indisputable Proof Paper Gold Markets are Massively Manipulated”,  in which I accurately predicted future gold price movements and provided specific price targets 24 hours before they happened.

The reason I am conveying all this to you is NOT to boast, as boasting for the sake of boasting is quite infantile. However, here is the true significance of re-visiting the above topics and my past predictions. At the time I made these predictions, whether in 2007, 2008, 2010 or just a few months ago, I was universally slammed by all mainstream financial analysts for being wrong at the time I made these predictions. For example, right after President Obama met with the top US banking executives on April 11, 2013 and the bankers immediately executed their raid on gold prices, one of mainstream media’s  favorite economists, Nouriel Roubini, very publicly predicted that gold was heading below $1,000 an ounce. Since people only tend to remember what the mainstream media said at the time and actually don’t take the time to look back at these discussions in hindsight, I think it is important to point to do so to tease out the difference between propaganda put forth by the mainstream media and the truth that is often discussed ONLY by independent media such as ourselves.  In fact, just this past week I spoke to a commodity analyst at a large bank that incredibly told me he believes gold is still too expensive and that it is heading to $900 an ounce (at least incredible in my eyes). Why in the world would he believe this? I didn’t ask him, but I’m speculating because that it’s based off of Nouriel Roubini’s very public similar prediction.

In any event, the signs are here that massive disruptions are coming to the global economy as the Western fractional reserve banking system closes in on failure. I sincerely 100% believe that the resultant turmoil will be much worse than what happened in 2008.  Just because the mainstream media is selling you a completely opposite story does not mean my prediction will be wrong.  Please recall that in mid-May, as Indian Finance Minister Chidambaram practically begged citizens of India not to buy gold and instead to support the rupee by investing in the Indian stock market. Since that time, the Indian stock market has crashed over 11% and gold has risen by 17% against the rupee. So listening to the advice of important, “made” men of the banking industry will just not cut it anymore. Thus, because I want everyone to take this current prediction of mine very seriously, I have provided note of many of my past major predictions that have since come true.

I truly believe that the global commercial banking industry  has carte blanch to lie and deceive its clients today. For example,  US Department Attorney General Eric Holder recently testified to US Congress and made the following statement:

Let me be VERY VERY VERY clear. Banks are not TOO BIG too jail. If we find a bank or a financial institution that has done something wrong…those cases will be brought [to justice]” (emphasis not only mine but Eric Holder’s as well).

However, when the DOJ stated it had documents that could prove beyond a reasonable doubt that HSBC had engaged in criminal activity in laundering billions of dollars for violent Mexican drug cartels,  Holder held not one HSBC banker accountable and jailed no one at HSBC for these crimes and instead fined them a sum of one month’s profits that will clearly not serve as a deterrent from continuing to engage in such crimes in the future.  Thus it is clear, that the only person that can prevent banks from committing crimes against you is…YOU. Furthermore, it should be abundantly clear that one needs to perform the necessary research now to understand that all assets held inside the global banking system are at very significant and imminent risk.

I realize that many people today are struggling economically and financially, so I have also decided to expand our videos on our YouTube channel to include topics about how to cope with worsening economic conditions, including strategies to maintain your health, happiness and mental sanity during difficult economic times as well as strategies to cut major expenses that simply make sense. For example, delaying education today makes a lot of sense. What good is graduating with a  Harvard or Oxford degree today when the second largest employer in the United States is Kelly temp agencies that only have a slew of minimum wage and lower wage jobs to offer? You can also help us to help you by checking out our YouTube channel and our various playlists. Please comment on our videos and let us know what videos you would like to see in the future. We do read all the comments and we address topics that our viewers wish to see addressed in future videos we make and post. You will find that we just released today, our latest video that deals with job satisfaction and how to pursue your dreams in a difficult economy.

Lastly we urge those that have money and wealth to protect to take the proper proactive steps right now and to stop delaying this decision if you’ve been procrastinating. This week’s meeting of top US banking regulators with the US President should wake anyone up that has been asleep to the severity and urgency of the current stresses in the US and global banking system RIGHT NOW.  If you need guidance in these matters, please read the fact sheets available about our various services and come by  today.

JS Kim is the founder and Managing Director of SmartKnowledgeU, a fiercely independent research & consulting firm with a focus on Precious Metal strategies to combat the wealth destruction of quantitative easing and Central Banks’ currency wars.

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