Bank Of England Warns Of An ‘Abrupt’ Financial Collapse Due To Climate Emergency

October 16, 2019
Executive & Research Director @ GoldCore

◆ Coming financial collapse will likely be due to climate change warns Bank of England governor

◆ Marc Carney warns of an “abrupt” financial collapse due to climate emergency and warns that companies that ignore climate crisis will go bankrupt

◆ Fighting climate change will drive up interest rates and we must avoid a “climate-driven ‘Minsky moment’ involving a sudden collapse in asset prices” warns Carney

◆ Carney realises that he and his central bank colleagues in the Fed and the ECB have created the real risk of financial collapse and contagion by creating a massive debt driven global asset bubble and is seeking to distract and deflect by blaming climate change

◆ Carney and the Bank of England have got us into this debt driven financial mess through negative interest rates and currency printing on a scale never seen before in history; not climate change

◆ Read Carney’s pronunciations in the Guardian here and watch our latest podcast where we consider the real causes of financial collapse and contagion below 


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