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Developing Nations, Greenhouse Gases, Military Intelligence, and Prices are going up

June 21, 2001

There are so many non sequiturs going around these days, that one can hardly tell fact from fiction. Take the trite expression "Developing Nations" which was coined by some liberal apologist from the United Nations, which name in itself is absurd. There is no "United" in the United Nations, but merely a conglomeration of savages, bureaucrats, hangers on, and mouthy politicos. Every sand baked, illiterate, uncivilized patch of dirt that has been stolen blind by a king or other human vermin is called a "Developing Nation." Nothing is being "developed" in these quagmires other than diseases, wholesale murder, and robbery.

The supposed "Greenhouse Gas" problem, is another gross miss-labeling. If one went into a greenhouse, there would be an abundance of oxygen, emitted from the growing plants, which had used the carbon dioxide, thereby leaving a wonderful air that is a pleasure to breathe. Go into a greenhouse and luxuriate in its magnificent atmosphere.

Military Intelligence is obvious, and needs no exculpatory mention here, but it is the last item that needs examination.

The ad below was taken from a 1909 magazine. Have Iver-Johnson revolvers gone up from their price of $5.50 in 1909? Hardly! Or has the money used to buy them gone down? One must note, of course, that in 1909 guns were available, advertised regularly, universally owned, not registered, and crime was low, low, low.

Then look at the ad below, also taken from a 1909 magazine. For a buck and a half, you could not only get a year's subscription for this magazine, but they would throw in this cream and sugar set that was quadruple silver plated and lined with 24 karat gold! Have prices gone up? Of course not! The money has gone down.

I almost feel like a preacher, harping on sin every Sunday, but the congregation doesn't seem to get it. Every day, people blabber about "prices going up." Fools are constantly jabbering about helping the "developing nations," and those awful "greenhouse gases." Then they pile mistakes on top of mistakes and tell us that prices are going up. It costs ten bucks to go to a movie in big cities people, and when I was a kid it was a ten cent matinee. Same theatre, same projectors even (modified to eliminate projectionists), and perhaps the same popcorn poppers selling $2 popcorn, which used to go for a dime. The farmers still grow the same popping corn (designed for the moisture to expand when heated to make it pop) and perhaps a lot of the farmers still might use a 2 cylinder John Deere tractor age 60, to plow the popcorn fields. Nothing has changed, except the value of the currency used to purchase things. My Dad bought a new 2 cylinder John Deere tractor in 1948 for $1400 with all attachments, including disc, plow, cultivator, mower bar, PTO, wheel weights, and hydraulic draw bar. "Boy! Have prices ever gone up," exclaims 99% of the world's population. Urp.

Now take the prices of silver and gold, even at these ridiculous prices in greenbacks, and sure to go up in greenbacks. The politicos dread gold attaining its proper level of from $600 to $2,000 as much as if the plague had broken out, or the inevitable earthquake had hit L.A. Why? Because if gold and silver reached their proper level, their funny money would be the laughing stock of the world…except no one would be laughing. If a quick look at historic prices doesn't convince you about the utter worthlessness of the buck, what will? The Fed tells us on a daily basis that inflation (increasing the money supply) isn't a problem. Gee Daddy Alan, I am so glad you are assuring me that everything's fine, as the presses run, M3 is up 20%, and your inflation figures don't include food, energy, or fuel. Urp again.

GOLD-EAGLE has had close to 30 million hits so far, surely a record for any web site. Every one of you readers should hit the "forward" key on your computer and send this site to everyone you know, so they might get saved. Maybe I missed my calling. Maybe I should be on a pulpit shouting hellfire, brimstone, and Armageddon each Sunday morning, rather than just writing and brokering metals, because every one of you knows, in your heart, I'm right, when I say repeatedly that your dollars will continue down, prices in them up, and gold and silver will break out.

"The wads of worthless paper money were growing heavier in the pockets of the nation, but there was less and less for that money to buy. In September, a bushel of wheat had cost eleven dollars; it had cost thirty dollars in November; it had cost one hundred dollars in December; it was now approaching the price of two hundred---while the printing presses of the government treasury were running a race with starvation, and losing."From Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Written in 1957, and very prophetic. This is a book everyone should read, as it is a political theory in novel form, and if you have never read it, do so. When you finish, you will see how clear it all is!

Inflation, once it has begun, as it has now, is virtually impossible to stop. If the fed stopped printing money in ever increasing amounts, the economy would collapse. Stopping the presses, once they are well oiled and turning out the unbacked bills, notes, bonds, and other forms of funny money, would simply bring on utter collapse quickly, rather than gradually, with ever increasing momentum. The dregs of D.C. have to hold on as long as possible.

Once a person knows there is a problem, and knows the ultimate result of it, it behooves one to protect ones self, doesn't it? So then do not buy whole life policies. If you need life insurance, buy term, as it is a lot cheaper. Whole life is a ticket to loss, as you are saving long term in value losing dollars, and insuring yourself long term in the same. 25 years from now, when an ice cream cone sells for $25, your $50,000 whole life policy will be a joke that you had pumped 2001 dollars into and gotten 2026 dollars out of which may not buy anything of value. $25 ice cream cones? You must be joking say you. Absolutely not. A decent ice cream cone today goes for $2.50, and it used to be a quarter…up a thousand percent. Well, a thousand percent increase from $2.50 is $25. I had a chain of ten Bijou Iced Creme Parlours in Philly in the late 1960's, and was buying first quality ice cream from my supplier for thirty cents a quart. Prices up? Nope. Money down.

Inflation is like a snowball rolling down a steep slope in December. The further it rolls, the bigger it gets, and the more destructive it becomes when it reaches the bottom. As the dollars, pesos, francs, yen, etc. become worthless, they encompass an ever larger sector of all economies. Just as an example, when it is discovered by more and more people that the money is devaluing, they stop saving. This makes banks have problems. Long term mortgages become risky for investors, and new car sales drop precipitously when the inflation snowball really gets rolling. Businesses in general slow down, and cease purchasing new equipment, which has already begun…

Last weekend, (Father's Day) I went to my old stomping grounds, Silverton, Colorado to commiserate with my many friends there and to find out how the "season" is going so far. It isn't doing too well. Silverton depends on summer tourism, since the almighty EPA and other bureaucracies shut down the gold and silver mines. At 9200 feet elevation it's a marvelous place in summers. A train trip from Durango to Silverton is now $60, and was $3 in 1952 when I first rode it. I still have the poster advertising it for $3. Incidentally, they use the same engines, cars, and track. Prices up? No, money down. At any rate, with the prices of gas, the market crash, layoffs, and general uncertainty, people are staying home and not traveling as much this summer, it seems. Tourism might well be a casualty of funny money. When funny money buys less, wage increases are always far behind, making poor Joe 6-pack the worse off with his 9 to 5 job.

Close those savings accounts, cash in those CD's and get the hell out of funny money denominated things. Re-mortgage your home for 30 years, and by the end of 30 years, your payments will be about the cost of a loaf of bread. Remember, mortgage interest is deductible, and credit card interest isn't. Pay those credit cards off if you have such debt. If your home is free and clear, you might think twice about that one. Stop buying new cars, because when you drive them around the block, you have lost $5,000. Buy used ones with a warranty and low mileage, which will be lovely, and cost a lot less. Buy gold and silver. Act as if there may be no tomorrow, or at least as if tomorrow may be pretty gloomy, because it just might be. Protect yourself.a

Gold is widespread in low concentrations in all igneous rocks.
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