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Dollar Falls to 5-Month Low, Gold & Silver Respond

December 3, 2022

Precious metals markets are rallying strongly this week on dovish signals from central bankers.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell said in a statement that the Fed would "moderate" the pace of rate hikes. Investors interpreted that term as a sign that monetary policy is moving in a more dovish direction.

Of course, Fed officials insist they are still engaged in the fight against inflation and plan to continue hiking interest rates – albeit in smaller sizes. Even though the Fed isn’t quite finished yet with raising rates, the U.S. dollar’s exchange rate is already telling a different story.

The U.S. Dollar Index fell to a five-month low on Thursday. That helped propel metals markets sharply higher.

As of this Friday recording, gold is pulling back a bit here today and is posting a weekly gain of 1.9% now to bring spot prices to $1,797 per ounce.

Silver, meanwhile, is surging nearly $1.50 or 6.9% for the week to trade at $23.15 an ounce. That puts silver at its highest level since April and represents what is shaping up to be a big technical breakout.

Turning to the platinum group metals, platinum is advancing 3.3% since last Friday’s close to trade at $1,025. And finally, palladium is putting in a weekly gain of 0.9% to come in at $1,936 per ounce.

The stock market also rallied on Wednesday and Thursday when it realized Federal Reserve Chairman Powell is losing his nerve to continue aggressive rate hikes.

The Fed is nervously eyeing the housing market downturn, and tightening financial conditions have increased the risk of more financial accidents in the aftermath of last month's FTX and crypto industry blowup.

As we have noted previously, though, investors who sit on the sidelines waiting for an official announcement from the Fed that they are outright ending rate hikes will miss out on some significant prices moves. Gold and silver markets are moving even though the Fed keeps hiking.

By this time next year, central bankers could be frantically cutting to try to rescue the economy from recession. At that point, gold could be trading at a new all-time high.

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