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The Dollar (FED), The Euro and Gold

June 29, 1999

I have been attempting to consolidate my notes that I have taken from various articles and comments posted by participants of this Forum in regards to The Dollar (should read as The FED), The Euro and Gold. Slowly the picture is becoming clearer to me as to what the potential relationship is between these three brokers of power, and as such, I would like the Forum to consider the following: The FED shareholders could be struggling (feuding) with one another in regards to philosophical differences in opinion about how the on going International Currency and burgeoning Debt Crisis should or could be resolved. I suspect The Euro could be a reaction from some shareholders to hedge their potential losses and I believe the Rothschild family could be (secretly) the primary promoter of the Euro. I believe this for the following reasons;

1. First of all, consider who are the top controllers of the FED as revealed through Standard and Poor sources;

          Rothschild Bank of London
          Rothschild Bank of Berlin
          Lazard Brothers Banks of Paris
          Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
          Warburg Bank of Hamburg
          Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
          Lehman Brothers Banks of New York
          Kuhn, Leob Bank of New York
          Chase Manhattan Bank of New York (Rockefeller)
          Goldman Sachs Bank of New York

The Rockefeller banking group owns 22% of the shares of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and holds 53% of the shares in the FED. I also read somewhere recently the Bank of Japan (BOJ) holds 8% of the FED (this makes sense to me since Japan is the single largest holder of U.S. denominated debt). It is also not too preposterous to assumes the BOJ is also probably the newest shareholder of the FED for obvious reasons. This would leave each of the other 9 shareholders with approximately a 4% stakes in the FED. Furthermore, this would leave the Old European Banking Houses with a collective shareholding of 26% of the FED. I would suspect the Rothschild's hold somewhere in the neighborhood of 10% of the FED shares.

So, there you have it! Three Camps made up of the Americans (66%), the Europeans (26%), and the Japanese (8%). Really there are only two camps as the Japanese have unfortunately become a victim of circumstance due to their industrious nature and resulting trade in-balances with the U.S.. I suspect the European entities are much better positioned in gold and gold mining than their American counter-parts.

2. Recently, Steve Hickle wrote an article that would appear to be very plausible. In short, he discussed that current world events could be explained when viewed as follows; the world is dividing into two camps - one is debt holding countries of the U.S. dollar (i.e. U.S. dollar/IMF) and the other is countries who are distancing themselves from U.S. debt by way of physical gold possession and the Euro (i.e. Euro/BIS camp via gold-based currency, gold bullion and oil).

A future wild card that could ultimately spell the en of the U.S. dollar/IMF camp once and for all because of their affinity for gold could be the Middle Eastern nations whom have 60% of the proven worldwide of reserves and have expressed the desire in the past to denominate oil in something other than dollars. In addition, the Middle East supplies a significant portion of their production to Europe as opposed to the U.S. whom derives most of their foreign production from Venezuela. Why wouldn't the Arabs trade their oil for a more stable currency partially backed by gold. The European demand for foreign oil can only be grow with time as North Sea oil is depleted. Furthermore, the closest (cheapest) source of foreign oil would be from either North Africa or the Middle East, both of which are comprised of Islamic nations.

3.The Rothschilds have been one of the most influential families in the past 200 years of European and American history, and are one of the oldest gold merchants and money changers in Europe. They have financed virtually every major European event including the Duke of Wellington at Waterloo to defeat Napoleon, financial aid to Prince Metternich of Prussia, and the first railways of Europe. The have also been know to depress stock prices and markets and almost destroy merchant banking foes, such as Barings, when attacked. The Rothschilds also know from a lifetime as gold traders that gold will command the attention of those seeking value when currencies are in a crisis of confidence.

As a member of the FED, the Rotschilds understand the inherent vulnerability of the U.S. dollar to the shock of a stock market and financial crash. Why wouldn't they hedge their investments any differently than they have done in the past? The have seen nations rise and fall in the past, and maybe the United States time has come pass as a world power.

4.The Rothschild family coat of arms colors are blue and yellow. Coincidentally, the Euro flag has these same colors.

5. I suspect the other shareholders of the FED, in particular the American entities, are very aware of the fact the Rothschild family have historically been financial mercenaries with little regard for international boundaries. However, this does not imply the Rothschilds do not desire international stability as it would be in their interest to help maintain such an environment. In reality, the Rothschilds probably do not wish the dollar to fail, but then again why not hedge your bets if the tide appears to be changing.

6.The Rothchilds have seen many bull and bear market over the past 200 years, and I believe they have always prospered whether it was in stocks, treasuries, or gold. I suspect the coming crash will be no different for the Rothschilds as they will end up shorting the market and go long on gold when they have determined this bull is ready to give up the ghost.

7.Finally, I find it interesting (if memory serves me correctly) that Credit Suisse First Boston recently downgraded Chase Manhattan (the largest FED shareholder) presumably on the grounds of not being adequately prepared for Y2K. When you consider the announcement by Credit Suisse, keep in mind the recent events regarding all the Swiss Bank bashing handed out by the U.S. in regards to "Nazi" gold in Switzerland. If in fact there is "Nazi" gold in Swiss Bank vaults, why did it take over 50 years after WW II to make such an announcement? Also keep in mind some of the Rothschild family live in Switzerland and are involved in such Swiss Banks as Edmond de Rothschild's Banque Privee of Lugano and Rothschild Bank AG of Zurich.

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