Don't Be Duped!

April 13, 2016
Financial Commentator & Former Stockbroker

Last week’s message to you regarding the "Panama Papers" release suggested..."don't be duped".  What impressed me immediately as very strange was;...there were no Americans or Europeans on the list of tax cheats, etc., with the exception of David Cameron's father and two or three Members of Parliament.  The skunk smelt then and still smells now.  Why were mostly only names from the "East" mentioned…and nearly none from the West?  

Since that release;...the New York Times posted an opinion piece suggesting it was Putin himself who released the information.  Laughable? No, not even a good joke, or at the very least a good argument!  Today, we received the very same sentiments from a famed Swiss bank whistle blower; "Swiss Bank Whistleblower Claims Panama Papers Was A CIA Operation.."

My perception of who, what, why, where and when continues;.. I believe even more so, the Panama Papers were and are;... an effort to discredit the "TRUTH BOMB", financial fraud, election fraud, a bankrupt financial system, false flags (even 9/11).  A blockbuster event in my opinion will be dropped from Mr. Putin and China;... now that China has invoked their joint war doctrine.  Time will tell as to what the real story is, however the Panama Papers event is not the topic I want to warn you of, "Don't be Duped" is the HOT BUTTON OF MISDIRECTION, a typical intel operation.

Over the last month or more, we have seen story after story, ad after ad on every internet piece relating to finance, including many multiple interviews with James Rickards peering out from underneath a brimmed hat, wearing dark glasses.  Ostensibly, he has just written a very important new book.  He even went to Japan to promote their new book...All to flash a very important warning to the public, but lo and behold they got thrown out of the park by the Japanese police.

Mr. Rickards is well educated and well spoken.  Much of his arguments on gold and finance are also very well thought out.  In fact, he has become a vocal and visible cheerleader for gold!  

Rickards has spelled out the math between money supply/debt and US gold reserves to accordingly project a prediction where gold could be repriced by monetary authorities, at some $10,000-$50,000 current US Dollars. In fact, this is the same math Jim Sinclair used to get to his "crazy" number of $50,000.  The calculation is done similar to what happened in 1980, when gold ran to $875 per ounce, another effort to "balance" our external debt with supposed gold reserves ...and herein lies the "spook problem." 

I say "spook problem" because this math includes a calculator, a numerator and denominator.  We have money supply/debt as the numerator and gold reserves as the denominator, the calculator being Rickards.  The problem(s) follow; first, we really do not know how much money supply/debt there truly is?  Do we include all of the future promises and guarantees in this number?  (Remember;... the Fed lent out "secretly" some $16 trillion all over the world in 2008-09 which was not discovered for another couple of years after the fact).  We also do not know how much capital will need to be created to prevent another financial meltdown.  Next, how much gold does the US really have left ...and how many times has it we been re-hypothecated?  A larger numerator makes for a higher price target as does a lower denominator.  In the case of no gold, the math goes to........INFINITY!

As for the calculator; Mr. Rickards is now saying a "secret deal has been cut where the dollar will lose reserve currency status a gold related SDR."  In my opinion, this very well may be true, but such a development would of itself necessitate a more equal voting structure; as it stands now, I do not believe the East will go along with the IMF running the show using the SDR.  I want to point out;... the IMF was originally a U.S. led creation whereby the U.S. had and has control via its veto power.  How exactly does changing from one "paper" currency to another change anything? Only that the SDR becomes an "international reference point" to be settled between Central Banks.  The dollar currently is more than 45% of what the SDR consists of, and is nothing more than another USDX index in my opinion.  Moving to the SDR will and can change the "power" of those pulling the strings; to the extent of the number of gold related SDR'S each country accumulates at the IMF.  The East fully knows the score relative to achieving a balance of power based on gold.

Next, Jim Rickards says "We are on a shadow gold standard" which may be true to some extent, as the old saying goes; "HE WHO HAS THE GOLD MAKES THE RULES."   He says the US can simply raise the price of gold 10 fold or more and re liquefy the Treasury (and IMF).  I have news for you, there has been no true Federal Reserve audit of Gold since the 1950's, you can imagine why.  (As a side note, I know for a fact Rickards has been advised of this issue, as I TOLD HIM personally, in London at the GATA conference in 2011.  I saw the expression on his face;... when I asked if he knew there had been no audits since the 50's, he tipped his head slightly and said;... "really?  I was not aware of that".  He surely does know now!)  Also, why when Germany requested its gold be sent back to Germany from the US, would it take seven years to get just 300 tons?  Will seven years give US monetary authorities enough time to "herd" those pesky ounces that are running free within the vault?  As a footnote, the IMF claims to have 2,800 tons of gold, this is a double counting, as IMF gold has been mostly "pledged" from Western nations rather than actually delivered.  Another real head scratcher is Rickard's claims that;..the 8,300 tons of gold "belongs" to the Federal Reserve, so the Federal Reserve has $300 billion in gold.  This is another misstatement;.. the gold supposedly held in Fort Knox, Kentucky, belongs to the U.S. Treasury, not a privately owned institution. It is the "peoples" gold.

As for a "shadow gold standard", this could not be further from the truth!  The world has been on a "dollar standard" which is the ANTI gold standard, for years;..we were on what was tacitly acknowledged as a "Petro Dollar" standard following the Viet Nam War, when Lyndon Johnson said; "We could have guns and butter too." 

Why, for so many years has gold been maligned publicly in the press (and learning institutions) and physically with clandestine reserves sales?  Why has physical gold been allowed to be diluted with a Dollar and fractional reserve sales.  Futures sales in non-existent gold in the hundred's per real ounce; suppress the price?  (Please do not say this has not happened, the US burned 12,000 tons in the London gold pool days, which is now public knowledge). 

We are so far away from a "gold standard" it is ridiculous, for Mr. Rickards to suggest otherwise simply insulting!  Rickards was the lead counsel for LTCM, when that fraud blew up in 1998. It has been suggested;...part of the blow up was due to some 300 tons of (Italian) gold they were short and could not deliver (the number is probably multiple of this).  He also tells us he formerly was a consultant to the CIA and the Pentagon.  This is the same as saying an ex-Marine or ex-Mafia…is this even possible?

So as the title suggests, "Don't be Duped"!  Rickards is giving some;...maybe even 95%, good information.  I believe he is in fact doing the investment community a service by promoting gold's fundamentals.  The "hook," or misdirection is a standard operating technique of intel, as mentioned; that the U.S./West still has the gold to "mark-up" and fix broken balance sheets.  His discussion of moving to the SDR will still leave those (masters) in power to continue raping and pillaging the finances of the 99% and fighting between themselves for control of world affairs. Is Mr. Rickards a modern day Trojan Horse;...being used to whip up fervor, ...but keep as many things financial as possible...similar to how they have been since Bretton Woods? 

To finish, Jim Rickards credits the Chinese with ownership of some 3,000 gold tons of gold -- and the Russians just over 1,000.  Between imports and internal production...China may have been accumulating this amount EVERY YEAR. A figure of between 10,000 and 20,000 tons, if not more, is highly probable as Chinese never tell you what they are doing until after THE EVENT!  The East embarked on a vast accumulation of gold, and/ or evacuation from dollars at least 13 years ago when Vladimir Putin posed holding a gold bar.

Mr. Putin and the Chinese have no chance of being duped as they already knew how this would all end years ago! President Xi Jinping is one of the smartest leaders in the world;  His New Silk Road Project is a road paved with GOLD, NOT SDR's!

Standing watch, 

Holter-Sinclair collaboration

Bill HolterBill Holter writes and is partnered with Jim Sinclair at the newly formed Holter/Sinclair collaboration. Prior, he wrote for Miles Franklin from 2012-15. Bill worked as a retail stockbroker for 23 years, including 12 as a branch manager at A.G. Edwards. He left Wall Street in late 2006 to avoid potential liabilities related to management of paper assets. In retirement he and his family moved to Costa Rica where he lived until 2011 when he moved back to the United States. Bill was a well-known contributor to the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) commentaries from 2007-present. 


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