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Economic Gingivitis

May 1, 2000

The prospect of a sound American government fiscal policy under either Republocrat nominee is bleak at best. Precious metals should do quite well as the economic structural rot is further exposed, like a receding gumline. The pain of America's exposed economic tooth nerve is masked by repeated lidocaine injections from the media, Al Bore and George Bush Jr. a.k.a. Bush League. Even as the tooth wobbles, Americans are told all is well economically. Direct doses of painful reality, like a 29.5 Billion dollar monthly trade imbalance, are ignored in our current drugged state. Few warnings will be allowed of the need for an economic root canal, except for a few voices in the precious metals wilderness. The only feeble advice from the elite covers the need for brushing and flossing, in a general, theoretical way you see.

Under no circumstances, will the American corporate, political and media elite allow any serious reform. Nothing will be allowed to interfere with eating the sugar coated candy we label our "goldilocks economy." Nothing will be allowed to interfere with the booming stock market and the illusory new economy. Nothing will be allowed to change in America until the final fiat economic collapse happens. Whether the current dot com elite will be shrewd enough to surf the economic chaos to solidify, or even increase, their control is unknown to me. They could be eaten by the global elite who won't need them any more. Having used the current crop of so called leaders, they may be harvested and left to rot in the field, or they may be given petty administrative jobs in the global new world order.

All revolutions create a new elite. All revolutions kill, exile or render puppets the people in charge at the time of the revolution. All revolutions are embarrassed by, and eventually destroy those who helped create the new order. Just ask Hitler's brown shirts or Leon Trotsky. The planned global new world order, this emerging corporate oligarchy will be no different. Once America's leaders have sold her out to the ongoing corporate dictatorship, the fat cats will no longer need the illusion of democracy. As Caesar Augustus once commented, "I like the treason, but not the traitor."

Neither Al Bore or Bush League will intentionally try to help gold bugs mind you. It's just that they will both follow the same Republocrat economic policies of fiat money creation, huge debt service and medieval tax policies. This combination is good for precious metals since it always leads to hyper inflation.

Mr. Bore has a direct link to goldbugs because gold is what is used to increase the power of the radio antenna inside his head. On this golden antenna Mr. Bore learned that he alone created the Internet, that the child king really is just misunderstood and that churches, especially Buddhist Temples, make great fundraising scams. He received this information from outer space, where he gets the rest of his economic and political policies.

Speaking of churches, Al Bore has now decided he needs to protect God from people carrying guns into churches. Rather than asking the obvious questions of how America got to the point where we have school and church massacres frequently, Mr. Bore proposes yet more gun control measures. Our cultural conditions, the collapse of the mental health system, the large numbers of Americans seething with rage at life in general don't seem to be in his radio frequency. Liberals don't seem to understand that these kind of incidents represent a sign of social psychosis unrelated to the instrument used. The symptom is the gun; the disease is the heart of man. Liberals seem incapable of understanding that people who do these things are so far beyond the edge, that telling them not to do it is farcical. To put it bluntly, to stop a crazy with a gun, you need a normal with a gun. Liberals persist in the fallacy that disarming people will somehow make life safer. I'm sure the Ancient of Days, sitting on his flaming throne with a river of fire flowing forth, feels more secure now that Al Bore wants to protect churches from demons with guns. Instead of reestablishing the gold standard, Al wants to change our money's motto from "In God We Trust", to "In Bore We Trust." What can you expect on economics from a flake whose environmental position is cow farts are the cause of global warming?

Bush League's connection to precious metals is through silver and not gold. The junior Bush was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, or was it the other end? Bush League's coronation continues after having disposed of the so called reformer McCain. McCain's views on precious metals, the gold standard and much else is unknown to me. I did see that he quickly changed his views on the Confederate flag, once the South Carolina primary was over. Looks like McCain has the hypocrisy to play the whore while preaching about political purity. As for Bush League, he reminds us the nursery rhyme "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush", doesn't apply to politics. I think two Bushes in the Presidency isn't even worth one Starling anywhere.

Goldbugs may be assured that economic issues of importance to us will be ignored by the Republocrat nominees. Will either one seriously challenge the manna from government philosophy ingrained in the American psyche? Will either one of them comment on the unserviceable national debt? Will they suggest ways to actually pay it off sometime before I become senile? If not, will they mention the D word (default)? Will they expose the budget surplus as a fantasy created by the Republocrat coconspirators? Will they expose Social Security as a fraud? Or will they continue pandering to the over 65 crowd in order to buy their votes?

Think Bush League will criticize the New World Order his father helped create? Think Al Bore will challenge the Fed's easy money policy that has kept the stock orgy going? Or how about this one? Will either one of them even understand, even be capable of accepting the possibility, of a world where money has real substance? Would either one even think it would be possible for the United States to have money backed by physical gold or silver? I don't think so.

The Republican political and economic vision for the American people is a life of corporate plantation slavery. The Democratic political and economic vision for us is a life as a medieval serf. America is now 225 years old and has reached a crisis point. Large numbers of Americans now reject the very Constitution which frames our existence. Many Americans reject, maybe despise is a better word, the constitutional ideal of sound money, sound people and a sound system. They flow from each other in the constitutional ideal. Take away the sound money and you eventually choke off the virtue of the people. Kill virtue in the people and the American Republic becomes exactly what it has become. Instead of everyone being equal under the law, we now are equal under the money. No money; no equality. America is now an economic oligarchy where the sole criterion is money, power and status. Once you have the money, you become equal. For someone like me, without any money, the system simply doesn't work.

The reason for sound money, gold or silver coinage as Constitutionally mandated, is that it prevents the political and economic perversion America has become. How can you have people of substance, when your money has no substance? The answer is you can't. What you have is shallow fools on their way to becoming serfs. What you have is a pre revolutionary rage seething in the land, awaiting only an economic collapse to set it off. For tens of millions of Americans it's not their system anymore.

Don't kid yourself that the elite doesn't know what it is doing. To debase the American Republic they needed to debase the money and economy. The culture and the populace would soon follow. This being exactly what has happened during my lifetime. The United States has reached the point it not only doesn't know the answer, it can't even think of the question. This sorry state of affairs is the result of deliberate attempt to pervert the Republic and soften it up for digestion into the global corporate megablob state. Our leaders have aided and abetted this treason against the American Republic through their greed, arrogance, stupidity and desire for power. The coming economic collapse will be used to end the experiment in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness America used to be.

I'm not sure the process can be reversed at this late date. One third of the American people are Clintonistas. One third are opportunistic fools whoring after the economy and stock market. One third understand what is going on. A useful baby step in the restoration of the lost American Republic would be the reintroduction of the gold and silver standard. The next would be the elimination of the Federal Reserve and withdrawal from the United Nations, World Bank, World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund and the ilk. From there, well that's enough for one day.

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