Elliott Wave Gold Update 21

August 8, 2008

Corrections are often confusing and difficult to analyse. The current action in the gold price is a case in point. As has been pointed out in the past, corrections can become extremely complex.

There seem to be 2 valid counts at this time. Wave Count A below is the continuation of the count in Update 20 with a minor change in that the triangle in Small C has been discarded for a more conventional a-b-c format. Under this count the 5 wave up move from $862.2 to $986.0 (15 July 2008) would be the first minor wave in the new major up move.

In this case, the first minor correction should have been in the 4% (plus or minus 2%). The problem is that we already have a PM fix at $897.5 (30 July) which represents a 9% correction from the $986.0 peak. This magnitude is large enough to suggest that the above wave count is wrong and that Wave Count B in the chart below is the valid one.

This count places $986.0 as the peak of Small B and requires a decline in Small C to a point where one could conclude that Large Wave II is complete.

This suggests that the gold market could possibly decline to at least test the $845/$850 level.

If Small C is equal to Small A, the target for Small C would be about $830. ($986.0-$128)

If Small C is 61.8% of Small A, the target would be about $888. ($986-$98).

Alf Field

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Alf Field was born and raised in South Africa. He is a Chartered Accountant by training. Together with a partner, he started his own funds management business in 1970 in Johannesburg. In August 1971, when the USA stopped converting US dollars for gold at $35, Alf perceived a major opportunity to buy large quantities of gold mining shares personally and for clients. In 1979 he migrated with his wife and four children to Australia. He is currently a self-funded retiree who manages his own portfolio. In 2002 Alf started writing articles on gold related subjects, including monetary history, as well as a series of gold price forecasts using the Elliott Wave technique.

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