End Game

April 6, 2001

If the global system twitches anymore, it will be confused with a cow suffering from mad cow disease. Maybe we should call it mad economy disease with the chief vet being Mr. Magoo. Mr. Magoo is having as much success with the economy as the British are having in suppressing hoof and mouth disease. I'm starting to feel like a Roman historian writing in 405 AD; the barbarians haven't actually sacked Rome, but you can tell it's coming. What's coming is the New World Order in all its economic, political and military glory. The final phase of pseudo freedom is now over. The global end game will soon start in earnest. For those with a spiritual bent, there is a word for it. It's called the Tribulation. Personally, I believe every person reading this essay will live thorough at least the start of it.

No rational person can observe the economic, political, military and spiritual trends going on in the world today and think the human species will make it.. Jeff Rense of sightings.com just listed an unofficial report prepared for the US government showing the global ecosystem is over. Whether this report is a hoax, or authentic is beside the point. The economy doesn't matter. The politics doesn't matter. It's the global ecosystems stupid. And I don't need a government report to tell me the ecosystems are kaput. I've got enough college education and read enough biology texts to understand what has been happening during my lifetime. Man has taken this wondrous God given gift called Earth and trashed it. We are like guests invited into someone's home who then urinate on the living room floor. The Mayan calendar ends on December 21st, 2012. I'd say the time frame is about right. I think what passes for advanced civilization has about 11 years left, with seven of that as the period defined as the biblical tribulation. Now you know why the NWO types are building all those underground bunkers!

It's interesting to me how fast things are happening since January 1st. In my spirit I sense the cup has reached its fullest and is starting to overflow. From whatever angle you look at the world, economic, political or cultural, things have gotten noticeably worse in the last 90 days. For those of you not inclined to believe a global system can collapse in a mere ten years, I say look again. In the biological world, the time frame for the lemmings to overpopulate is relatively long; however, the time frame for them to actually die is surprisingly fast- months versus hours. Just as an aside, I rented the video tape called "The Good Earth." this weekend. Quaint and terribly sexist I'm afraid, but the point is China has always been one harvest away from chaos and two or three away from collapse. Farmers in North Dakota are now unable to buy non genetically modified seed to plant. If you understand biological diversity and how ecosystems mesh together, then you would understand the global food production chain is real close to failure. Either intentional failure for New World Order political control, or collapse due to unintended consequences of the random introduction of genetically modified seed. We have no idea what we are doing with our food production systems. Where did mad cow disease come from? It came from corporate mega agricultural blobs feeding ground up sheep, dogs, cats, cows and who knows what else to cows, pigs and sheep used for human food. The insanity of feeding meat to vegetarian cows is a prime example of why man is through. Man is simply too ignorant and arrogant to survive on the planet. Herewith we shall be replaced by the cockroaches.

You wouldn't have a clue to our looming environmental collapse from studying what passes for current popular culture. Do Pepsi and Brittany Spears understand the implications of mad cow disease upon the human population? I think not. Now we've gone and done it. Gone and created a global plague with a thirty year incubation period. How many tens, hundreds of thousands, or millions of people have Mad Cow in England? How many tens of millions, it's currently 35 million infected officially, will die from AIDS? Anti-biotic resistant TB? Ebola? The last time we had a global flu Pandemic was 1919, but that's not good enough for the NWO types. They've actually gone and dug up frozen corpses to get live 1919 Spanish flu, for research purposes they swear. God will damn us to our own folly and insolence. We will live to see the first global pandemic killing 100 million people. You heard it first at gold-eagle.com. And by the way, nobody should be sneering at vegetarians anymore. Being vegetarian is a rational response to the corporate meat food chain. Ronald McDonald always was a spastic; now, we know why. But enough environmental doom and gloom.

Moving on, we come to economic doom and gloom. I wonder if these essays are as hard to read as they are to write. Hmmm. I got a recent essay where I was told "You really tell it like it is McIntosh!" Yes I do and without apology. You need to understand you are taking your life in your hands when you eat a fast food hamburger. You can have sex one time and get AIDS. You can eat a hamburger one time and get Mad Cow. Welcome to the New World Order.

It should be obvious the Stock Market Bubble is finished. So I won't waste too much time on either the NASDAQ or the DOW. Undoubtedly, the greatest fraudulent transfer of wealth from ignorant fools to corrupt insider pigs in global history. The lawsuits are already starting and will soon swamp the legal system. Mr. Magoo is now held in contempt and the entire rotten elite will soon join him. The whole economic system is corrupt, rigged and manipulated to line the pockets of the New World Order oligarchs who rule us. So, what else is new? Either the global ecosystem will fail, Jesus will come back, or we will have anarchy- followed by dictatorship. Probably a combination of all of the above I think. Now, you understand why I can't get too riled up about much anymore. Death comes for us all eventually. In our collective stupidity, we have just speeded up the process. Whatever else you do today, be sure you live. Press your lips on this thing called life and suck it dry. At least, that's what I intend to do in the few remaining years the global pigs have left for us.

It's official that manufacturing is now in recession. The elite doesn't care since American manufacturing has been outsourced overseas. Ross Perot's famous sucking sound is now silent. Manufacturing is only 17% of the American economy, approximately 1.7 Trillion dollars. Gee, that's less than half the NASDAQ paper loss in the last 12 months. However, people are losing their jobs in real time. What's happening to the American economy is the sequential failure of sector after sector. It's like we're at a nuclear power plant and watching the failure lights on the panel flash one after the other. First, the NASDAQ. Second, manufacturing. Third, retail sales. Fourth, consumer confidence. Fifth, the DOW. 6th, synergy. Synergy, the blending of depressed corporate earnings, high consumer and business debt, falling confidence into a potent moonshine economic brew. West Virginia pure and strong economic moonshine, guaranteed to knock the staggering American and global economy on its fat ass. These clowns on CNBC still haven't figured it out yet. Both Japan and the United States are entering recession at the same time. Europe is being molested by diseases and a tourist collapse. The bulls just don't get it. The warning lights are all red and the klaxon is howling. Must have a terminal case of Mad Bull@#%@ Disease. Economists get it sometimes, but the BS breeding pools are located in the stagnant cesspools of government and politicians.

The local newspaper is full of layoff stories, store closings, lower than expected earnings: the list just goes on and on. But the company line is don't panic. Fine, don't. It doesn't matter whether you do or not. The economy will continue its journey towards rebalancing independent of our wishes. This train is leaving the station whether your on the train or urinating in the bathroom.

What exactly is a recession you ask? The company line is two quarters of decline in the Gross Domestic Product, with the GDP being defined as the total value of an economies goods and services. In the United States case, this is about 10 Trillion dollars. My own definition is as follows: a recession is a decline from 0 to negative 5%, a severe recession is from negative 5% to negative 10%, a depression is a decline from negative 10% to negative 20% and an economic collapse is anything over a negative 20% decline in economic activity. What's left of American manufacturing is already in depression, the NASDAQ is well into the economic collapse zone and the DOW is just entering the 20% decline needed to qualify as an economic collapse. Consumer confidence is approaching the 100 point baseline of 1982. In other words, the consumer is heading towards levels not seen in 19 years. Don't be deceived by the slight rebound in industrial production, consumer confidence or retail spending in March. What the lapdogs aren't highlighting is the future component in consumer confidence, which is very negative. As for industrial production, autos and the like I say this. It's true General Motors sold off its dealer lot inventory of 400,000 autos. It's also true they had to slash prices to do it. Can anyone say earnings disappointment? And what happens when earning disappointments get announced on Wall Street?

Concerning both the DOW and the NASDAQ, I still stand by my prediction of NASDAQ 750 and DOW 5000. Over the next several weeks there is going to be a wave of negative corporate earnings reports for the first quarter. And pardon my English, but it's BOHICA- bend over here it comes again- time for Wall Street. If investors truly understood that the NASDAQ, despite having fallen nearly two thirds, can still lose another 1000 points; or, if they realized the DOW will respond to negative corporate earnings by going into a death spiral: then, they wouldn't listen to the paid shills on CNBC et al. Nope. The American people don't have a clue as to what is going to take place. Far from the much heralded "second half recovery" we are going to get the second wave of economic chaos. The papers I read are full of job layoffs, store closures, dot.com bankruptcies and the like. Remember the essay from last spring, "Into the Kozmos and beyond Buzz Lightyear"? Well, Kozmo.com has dropped the com from its name and is clinging to life. Economic growth was near zero the first quarter, even with the faked figures the elite release. No my friend, you need to understand the economic times we now live in. And I haven't even mentioned the Mid East or the current flap with China. As a reader of GOLD-EAGLE.com you need the kind of truthful information that I am giving you. The plain truth shorn of the illusions and delusions of the American people and the lies and wishful thinking of the paid shills. Wall Street is not the only thing being deflated right now. The arrogant preening of the new elite is being shown for what it is. Damn those media peacocks and bulls for the disaster we have allowed to happen to our great country. Damn the whore politicians, the vile Hollyweird elite and the liberals for the social, economic, military and spiritual chaos that engulfs America. Perhaps in the savage times ahead, the American people will relearn the lessons of our freedom loving ancestors. Perhaps out of the ashes of this corrupt and venal system the American people will arise from their New World Order induced slumber and reclaim the sacred heritage of our glorious ancestors. Or then maybe not. Maybe we are too ignorant, insolent and corrupt to even notice the military preparations our enemies make to destroy us. Maybe we are not worthy of our heritage and the sacrifices our ancestors made for the idea of freedom America is. Time will tell; it will tell us soon.

Nevada accounts for 75% of U.S. gold production.

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