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Gold Gains 3% To $1,672 And Silver Surges 5% To $15.40; Goldman Warns Of $3 Trillion Explosion In US Debt

Executive & Research Director @ GoldCore
April 7, 2020

◆ Gold surged 2.9% and silver by 5% yesterday, with futures leading the way higher with gold reaching it’s highest price in more than seven years

◆ Investors are diversifying into safe haven gold to hedge themselves from the coming destruction of balance sheets, trillions and trillions of fiscal and monetary stimulus and a likely economic depression

◆  JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s Jamie Dimon has blamed the pandemic on creating a “major major downturn” (see News below) and potentially an economic depression

◆Goldman Sachs have warned that the emergency “stimulus” may lead to an explosion of US national debt by about $4 trillion in just two years (see News below). This is not including the trillions in monetary stimulus by the Federal Reserve to bail out Wall Street including most large financial service providers including the mortgage sector and banks

◆ The “Everything bubble” is bursting before our eyes which is evident in the stock market crashes. Property and bond market bubbles will soon burst and confidence in the dollar and other fiat currencies will soon begin to evaporate

◆ Gold’s utility as a safe haven is again being experienced by those who own it. Gold is outperforming and has delivered a 12% dollar return in 2020 year to date, exactly when they need a safe haven and a source of returns as stocks and other assets under perform. Gold has seen even greater returns in other currencies and is 15% higher in euros and 19% higher in pounds year to date.

◆ The only major asset to outperform gold year to date is the U.S. 30 year bond. This out performance is unlikely to continue as the 30 year bond cannot go much higher. We are near 0% interest rates despite the appalling fiscal, financial and economic outlook for the U.S.

GOLDCORE NOTICE: We will be closed for the Easter bank holidays and will not be open this Friday, April 10th and April the 13th. Given the risks of today let’s hope the ‘bank holidays’ are not extended.


Mark O'Byrne is executive and research director of which he founded in 2003. GoldCore have become one of the leading gold brokers in the world and have over 4,000 clients in over 40 countries and with over $200 million in assets under management and storage.We offer mass affluent, HNW, UHNW and institutional investors including family offices, gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion in London, Zurich, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and Perth. 

The melting point of gold is 1337.33 K (1064.18 °C, 1947.52 °F).
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