Gold Investing: Is Your Opportunity Slipping Away?

February 6, 2017

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This January, Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States.

His Presidency brings with it uncertainty and chaos, and if the first couple of weeks are anything to go by, the only certainty will be chaos.

The one thing the markets hate, above all else, is uncertainty.

Uncertainty cannot be planned for, cannot be predicted - can only be estimated - and can be wildly and unexpectedly wrong.

Everything about the United States economy is big.

It has the largest GDP in the world - compare these figures from 2013:

  • US                               US$16.77 trillion
  • China                           US$9.24 trillion
  • United Kingdom          US$2.678 trillion
  • Russia                         US$2.097 trillion
  • India                            US$1.877 trillion

But, conversely, it also has the largest debt in the world:

  • US                               US$17.60 trillion
  • China                           US$3.89 trillion
  • United Kingdom          US$2.06 trillion
  • Russia                         US$0.30 trillion
  • India                            US$0.99 trillion

Because of this difference in size, most people think the country is insulated from the vagaries of the world economic climate. The dollar is the world’s reserve currency of choice, and America has long been used to calling the tune on so many fronts, economically.

This may change though - and sooner than we thought.

In recent years the United States has started to lag behind. Its productivity, its educational levels, its degree of military spending, and increasing Social Security commitments, mean the gap between its income and expenditure has widened.

This was brought into stark focus during the United States federal government shutdown of 2013. This could easily happen again. Or worse.

Without radical change, this gap will reach the point, where it cannot be closed. This will mean the weakening of the dollar, to a degree unseen in recent years.

This would, ordinarily, not matter too much, but the dollar is under pressure at the International Monetary Fund, (IMF), where it is thought Russia and China are leading a campaign to introduce a new world currency, to act as the reserve currency, in place of the US dollar.

This is possible because of alterations to the voting rights of the member states of the IMF. The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) countries, now have, collectively, more voting clout than the United States. This only serves to further weaken the United States position in defending the US dollar’s role, as the world’s reserve currency.

None of this looks great for the dollar, in terms of imports, or the balance of trade deficit. This stands at $45.2 billion, as of November 2016.

Will The Door Close?

In all this uncertainty, it is important to keep a cool head and look at the options available to you.

One of the first things to consider is preserving the value of the savings you do have.

These savings may not necessarily be the ones you have immediate control over.

After your house, the next biggest asset - which most people have - is a pension fund. Although you can do nothing about taking the money out of this, until you retire (or at least until the rules allow you to take the money out) what you can do, is maximise the money sitting within the fund. In this way, when you do come to draw down the money, there will be far more there to take.

This is the whole idea behind a gold IRA, or a gold IRA rollover arrangement.

Rather than invest in currency denominated assets, such as stocks and shares, bonds, ETFs and other “paper” holdings, gold or silver IRA plans enable you to invest in physical precious metals instead. This hedges you against inflation, and protects you if the dollar collapses.

Gold IRA companies are specialist advisors on all of the aspects of changing your current set up for something more lucrative.

Gold IRA companies review sites, such as TrustLink, will enable you find trustworthy and reliable firms who deal with gold IRA investing.

Investing in gold and silver is often thought of as a specialized area which cannot be used by the average person. This is far from the case.

Gold IRA investing, indeed investing in any precious metals, is attractive to everyone, from blue collar workers, to CEO's and Senators, and all are looking to protect their retirement accounts from inflation and secure them.

As an example, the Texas Teacher Retirement Fund, and the University of Texas, own nearly $1 billion in physical gold.

The common thread here is everyone wanting to maximise their returns. The beauty of doing so with physical gold IRA investments, is the Government giving you a tax break to encourage such activities.

The problem is - the new Trump administration might change the IRA eligibility rules - along with everything else. This would be disastrous for anyone who is sitting on the fence about investing in gold.

Imagine having the opportunity to take advantage of the few tax allowances left to employees - and missing out because you took too long to decide.

We firmly believe there has never been a more urgent need to get yourself into physical precious metals, than there is at the moment.

With the doubt hanging over the decisions coming out of Washington - for your personal finances - as well as those of the country at large - you really need to act … nowbefore the door is closed.

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Charles Thorngren is the CEO of Noble Gold Investments. He has more than two decades of experience in financial investments - especially precious metals. Noble Gold prides itself on its personal approach to advising clients on gold and silver IRAs. To discover more visit their website or get your free investor's guide here.

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