Gold Pulls A Pearl Harbor On Bears

July 3, 2019

August Gold pulled a Pearl Harbor on bears and skeptics Tuesday, reversing early morning weakness with a surprisingly sharp rally. I’d expected another two weeks of corrective action myself after bullion’s impressive run-up in June. However, the chart shows the futures to be bound most immediately for at least 1446.90. If so, that would be a new recovery high and an encouraging sign that even bigger things lie ahead. Specifically, a 1504.00 target would be in play if the August contract closes for two consecutive days above 1444.40 or trades more than $12 above that price intraday. Please note as well that a $150 plunge from around 1460 would not be the disaster it might seem at the time; rather, it would set up a textbook buying opportunity according to the proprietary rules Rick’s Picks subscribers follow for ‘mechanical’ trades.


Gold is the official state mineral of Alaska.

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