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I Call it Treason

August 29, 2002

You have to hand it to Mr. Magoo. I'll give him an A for chutzpah, that's for sure. The man is nothing but a common criminal of the white collar type. I openly and publicly call the FED chief a traitor, a coward and a common white collar criminal. The system is beyond accountability and I have a bad feeling this will end in blood. "Strike for Liberty and Honor" was the battle cry of our Revolutionary War, the Irish and also Bonnie Prince Charlie's cry at Culloden. Our criminal leaders have to go to jail on treason charges and there is no beating around the bush, pun intended.

Alan Greenspan did conspire, manipulate and commit "high crimes and felonies" by forcing state pension funds to bail out the stock market on July 24th, 2002. Quite honestly, for this alone Mr. Greenspan should be tried and executed for treason. In fact, what's left of America is headed towards a racial, economic and cultural civil war. The system is collapsing a little more every day. As for Mr. Magoo, he used his position to jawbone the pension funds to reverse the nearly 20% freefall in both Citibank and JP Morgan stock. Each one point of the DOW represents around one billion United States fiat dollars. The 1000 point swing since late July represents a staggering ONE TRILLION dollars of investment, or mal investment. Even the mainstream press admitted that the "little guy" sat this one out and the money came from pension funds, insurance companies and the like. In other words, the FED had the system bail out the system. Talk about economic incest. What the FED did is to loot the retirement plans of public employees. The government has already looted the private retirement plan called Social Security. The looting is done. The money is gone. What cynical, arrogant whores these people are. Common criminals posing as upholders of the law.

The FED is a private banking corporation that sets the economic policy for the people of the United States. I call that treason and worthy of death or exile for the oligarchic elite that has been destroying America since 1860. I think the United States was a Republic until 1860; then began a transition period until 1912 and 1913 with the FED and the Income Tax. We are now in the final phase. I guess you could call me a revolutionary seeking to restore the Republic. The bankers and the elite has already overthrown the true government. Here at we are all not so much revolutionaries as restorers. How can you overthrow the government when the current government has already overthrown it? And frankly, I think we are all getting pissed off about these usurpers posing as patriots. Our leaders are arrogant oligarchs bleeding the common people dry for their own purposes. And it will soon stop, one way or another.

As for the current economic situation, it is almost beyond comprehension. The disconnect between economic reality and the true economic reality is getting narrower every passing day. We were told there was no recession and then there was but it ended quickly. Now we are told we are in recovery, except the recession never ended. There is no double dip; there is only the death spiral. A wave of corporate bankruptcies has been happening since 2000. A wave of personal bankruptcies has been happening since 2000. June durable goods orders were down nearly 4% from May. I find it fascinating that the same court economists who ignored nearly two years of manufacturing declines, were so pleased with a few months of "reported increases." If two years of declines were ignored; then, why would any increase matter at all? These court jester economists are pathetic. We now see in July and August that retail sales are stagnating. The back to school season was a bust. Car sales are only being fueled by zero percent financing. I guess the novel idea you have to make money on cars is beyond the Big Three. In another essay I commented about the heavy debt loads, the pension fund liabilities and the need to generate cash flow to deal with this. How can the stock market avoid collapse when companies aren't profitable, can't service their debt and have cooked the books? It can't. Add to that the fact the foreigners have figured all this out and are starting to bail out of both the stock market and the dollar. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the logical result. It helps to be a doomer of course.

President Pretzel gave his speech on corporate accountability and the markets tanked. Mr. Greenspan gave his little speech and the markets tanked. Vice President Cheesy gave his little sound bite on corporate responsibility and nobody even noticed. The President should go to jail for his actions at Harken energy. The Vice President should go to jail for his corruption at Haliburton. And Mr. Magoo should go to jail for his destruction of the retirement hopes of millions of Americans. I believe Vice President Chessy will be impeached after the corrupt democrats retake the Senate and House in November. Mr. Magoo will eventually be allowed to crawl off and rot somewhere. Sir Greenspan the criminal has been recognized for his economic contributions to our age. Do they mean a culture of business and political corruption? Or how about the stock and housing bubbles? Perhaps they mean Mr. Magoo's manipulation of the stock and gold markets. Yeah, Mr. Magoo sure has made major contributions to our age. As for President Pretzel, he's in a class all by himself. Our very own wannabe führer, along with his police state. The economy is going to hell rapidly. The retail sales show the sheeple have figured it out. It's wag the dog time. If Bush is stupid enough to actually invade Iraq, a chain reaction of events will bring the end of our age. All in the next five years or so. Enjoy yourself and live each day to the fullest.

I spent the last weekend at the local Italian festival eating good food and enjoying myself. Except for the riot when Bush came to Portland you could almost think things were normal. That's the key: maintain the illusion of normalcy as long as you can. Won't work though. It's too late for the illusion to maintain its power. That's my basic message: the illusion is over and now reality is rearing its ugly head. The sheeple sense it. The sheeple are spooked. The wolves are circling the flock. It's only a matter of time before the screams start. Are you mentally prepared to deal with it? I hope so. I really do because destiny waits for no man or woman. And destiny, dear reader is now upon us. What we do with it is up to us. We are the captains of our fate and the masters of our own souls. The buck stops with us, individually and collectively. I hope the American people and the people of planet earth are up to the challenges facing us. If not, we will have a dark age. I believe we still have a choice. We will have to give up our illusions and take hold of the new unpleasant reality with both hands. If we do that, we have a chance to create a better system than the current farce. One's thing for sure, our leaders will have to go.

"Therefore, by objective standards, the leading managers of the
U.S. economy...are collectively, clinically insane."
Lyndon LaRouche

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