Jim Willie: Gold-Backed Currencies To Compete With Dollar

April 28, 2023

In part 1 of this month's interview with Jim Willie of The Hat Trick Letter (published yesterday), Jim talked about the latest developments in the growing de-dollarization movement. And in the second part of the interview, he talks about how eastern and African countries continue to develop gold-backed digital currencies, which he feels they will request more than the dollar in international trade going forward.

Jim talks about the changes that are taking place now, and the way trade will be conducted in the coming years. He describes an environment where western paper currency either won't be accepted, or if it is, will often be quickly converted into hard assets like gold.

He also comments on the timeline of some of these events taking place, and that while the dollar will still be around for a long time, the impact of some of the changes that are taking place will be felt over the coming months and years.

So to find out what Jim is seeing in his latest research, click to watch the video now!

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