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Monster Bull Move

November 26, 2014

Gold and silver are not going to have a rally. They are going to experience a “Monster Bull Move.” The move that is ready to begin will be the largest bull move that the precious metals have ever experienced. The technical reasons why are contained in this REPORT. One of the keys to understanding why a “Monster Bull Move” in the precious metals is about to take place is the following illustration.

“Apparently in this case, the forces in the direction of the larger trend are so powerful that the pattern becomes skewed in that direction.”

This is an illustration of an extremely rare Running Correction

running correction

It should be recognized that the following patterns never would have taken place if there was any possibility that government could stop this “Monster Bull Move” from occurring.

It is easy to recognize the fact that the Dollar Index bottomed at approximately the same time that Major Wave One for gold bullion topped at $1,033.90. At that point in time and price gold began forming a perfect very rare Running Correction.

The correction that gold has undergone since the high at $1,033.90 is the most bullish correction possible. Once again, it is a very rare correction and it is called a Running Correction.


“Apparently in this case, the forces in the direction of the larger trend are so powerful that the pattern becomes skewed in that direction.”

Major Wave One for silver also topped at approximately the same time that the Dollar Index bottomed. Silver has also formed an extremely rare Running Correction.


silver quarterly

The correction in silver since the Major Wave One high at $21.44 is nearly a perfect replication of a Running Correction.

Most of the current move up in the S & P 500 and the DJIA has taken place while the Dollar Index was moving sideways and up while correcting the huge five wave collapse from the high at 121.25. When gold and silver clearly begin their move up, the S & P 500, DJIA and the Dollar Index should move down in a big way (collapse). When will the Dollar Index begin a collapse?


S&P500 quarterly


Dollar index quarterly

The Dollar Index began an upward correction of the collapse from the 121.29 high in 2008. Each peak at the 88.00 level began a downside move. Gold and silver moved up each time the Dollar Index reached the 88.00 level.


us dollar index vs. spot gold

us dollar index vs. spot silver

I believe it is highly probable that this extremely rare, and I do mean extremely rare,

Running Flat correction that has taken place in gold and silver is in response to that equally rare monster occurrence called the Q E’s plus a Twist. The bull move in gold and silver that will soon become evident will indeed be a move that more than compensates for the Fed’s Q E Monstrosity. At the same time the S & P 500, the DJIA and the Dollar Index should begin their collapse.

“Apparently in this case, the forces in the direction of the larger trend are so powerful that the pattern becomes skewed in that direction.”


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In 1934 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt devalued the dollar by raising the price of gold to $35 per ounce.
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