The New Rasputin's Golden Weapon

April 4, 2000

The Grand Democratic Experiment is over in Russia. It has been deliberately ended in abject failure with the election of the KGB monster Putin. Mr. Putin, like his mentally ill name sake Rasputin, has bewitched the Russian people with his mixture of lies, vague promises and economic mumbo jumbo. He will systematically reintroduce Stalinist type media, economic and political control to ensure his continued power. He will consolidate Soviet control of the Caucasus, where recent oil finds in the Caspian Sea show the real reasons behind the barbarism in Chechyna. He will do whatever it takes to stay in power and will ride the currents of Russian paranoia and nationalism to new heights. It's said that Y2K had no effect in Russia. Wrong. Y2K has brought us another in a long series of Soviet barbarians. This one wears a suit and plans war rimes in Chechnya using a laptop computer. Make no mistake about the wide ranging implications of the neo-Stalinist Putin's election. We have a cold blooded espionage agent in control of Russia. Things should get real interesting over the next several years.

Several of these implications apply directly to economics and the precious metals markets. Rasputin's election will have its first direct impact on the oil price, which will stay high for the foreseeable future. The neo-Stalinist Putin has no interest in seeing oil prices reduced as they funded both his election campaign and his war crimes in Chechyna. Simply put, Rasputin has used Russia's several extra billion dollars in oil revenue to execute his medieval barbarism, mindless brutality, rape and pillage in Chechyna. Combine Iranian and Soviet greed, Putin's butchery, Western impotence, oil refinery, distribution and production "problems"; you end up with $2 a gallon gasoline indefinitely. What happened to all those Y2K oil stockpiles anyway?

China and Russia are both in the top ten of world gold producers, at number 5 and 7 respectively. Uzbekistan, a part of the former Soviet Union, is listed as number 9. All they have to do is hoard their gold production and the market would soon feel the impact. Russia already did a test run with Platinum earlier when it suspended shipments for a while. European Central Bankers are stockpiling gold to back their EURO challenge to the greenback. Russia and China see themselves in the early stages of a shooting war with the United States. The clear-minded tyrants of China and their ruthless Russian cronies understand the role of gold, despite United States economic propaganda. The Chinese and Russians may watch CNBC, but they're smart enough not to believe its economic hokum. It is clear to anyone viewing economics dispassionately, the final phase of the fiat meltdown has begun. The only questions is how long it will take the plane to fall from 11,000 Dow. It's naive of the West to assume that its enemies won't use precious metals in an economic warfare campaign against us. And even if they don't, why do we assume that the same cartel forces won't join to increase the price of gold to maximize revenues? Russia and China certainly have a vested interest in seeing gold increase in value. Having watched the ruble implode it's doubtful the Russians are impressed with fiat money anymore. The Chinese don't even link their currency, the YUAN, to the world out of fear their economy would be devastated. These rulers would be absolute idiots not to have massive gold stockpiles in order to cushion their regimes from economic turbulence. And whatever else they are, they're not idiots. Ruthless murderers, yes, but not idiots.

I warned that the Predator Corporation/NATO/New World Order inspired NATO expansion into Eastern Europe, combined with the illegal and unconstitutional NATO military campaign against Yugoslavia , would lead to an explosion of paranoid nationalism, anti-Semitism and general ruthlessness in Russia. Russia feels it has a free hand to exploit the Caucasus area and its oil after watching Western hypocrisy in Yugoslavia. We do have an exit strategy don't we Mr. child king? The West has sown the wind and reaped the whirlwind. Those who sow their wild oats had better develop a liking for lots and lots of oatmeal. The West is eating its oatmeal in the form of Mr. Putin's savage and barbaric Chechyna campaign.

The Soviet "Army", and I use the term loosely, is engaged in a carefully planned and executed, widespread and systematic series of "military operations" in Chechyna. These "military operations" involve a scale of barbarism and savagery unseen since the SS entered Poland in 1939 and the Soviet Union in 1941. Whereas the Nazi SS would roll up to a Polish town, herd the Jews into a synagogue and then burn it down, the Soviet barbarians do things on a grander scale. They simply roll up to a Chechen town and murder everyone in sight with artillery shelling. Soviet barbarian army units are engaged in the widest scale of war crimes since the Nazi government. Soviet barbarian army units are directly controlled by Mr. Putin and directly follow his orders to commit war crimes. They are war criminals. He is a war criminal. They are barbarians. He is a barbarian. We now have a certified war criminal in charge of Russia, one duly elected by a disgusted electorate. Can anyone say Sieg Heil? In Russia at least, the barbarians are long past the gate and into the Kremlin itself.

A Russian leader who condones military units tying up POW's in barb wire and executing them is a war criminal and should be shunned by the world. Didn't they hang people at Nuremberg for that kind of behavior? Austria's Haider was made a pariah while Mr. Putin is courted by European leaders. Britain's Blair goes to St. Petersburg to suck up to the new Russian monster before he is even elected. Mr. Blair fulfills a long British tradition of moral cowardice so well expressed by Mr. Chamberlain and his famous visit to Munich in 1938. I guess the British feel that if they threaten to kill an 80 year old Chilean dictator, who was a murderer by the way, they can be forgiven if they ignore Russian barbarism.

A Russian tyrant like Putin would certainly use his nations vast gold reserves as an economic weapon of war against the United States. Some of you will now quote the official line that the Soviet Union sold off all its gold, either during Gorby the would be reformer's last days, or during the early hectic years of the 1990's. Bunk. Maybe Russian governments of all ilk's, being barbarians themselves, have a special liking for that barbarous relic gold. They certainly have a different attitude towards gold than governments in the West and their corporate globalist buddies do. Next to the AK-47 they regard gold as the ultimate foundation, the ultimate guarantor of their rule and power. The Russians and Chinese are secretive and deceptive in everything they do. Why do we think their real attitude towards gold is less secretive and deceptive?

We think the Russian's sold off their vast gold stockpiles, but we don't really know. We didn't know how many nuclear missiles they had, but we're sure we know how many tons of gold they have. We don't know exactly how much gold was produced during seventy years of Communist rule. We don't know how much was stashed secretly in caves in the Ural mountains. We don't know how much they looted from Germany during the Second World War. We don't know how much they looted from Eastern Europe during their forty year reign of terror. We have no real idea how much gold and precious metals they still maintain in their stockpiles. Besides, five years of Soviet gold production is nothing to be sneezed at, especially if they regard it as an economic ICBM.

The West should remember the Soviet Union received many, many billions of dollars in aid, over $60 billion from Germany alone. We should remember that they sold many, many billions of dollars worth of advanced weapon systems in the 1990's. The didn't really need to sell any of their gold stockpile. How do you think they kept building those Navy ships, submarines, planes and nuclear missiles anyway? You did hear about the multi billion dollar Ural mountain underground complex they built during the 1990's, all the while they were "economically collapsing" didn't you? Funny, the mainstream western press doesn't like to cover those kind of stories for long, if at all.

In the broader context of the coming economic problems with fiat money, we shouldn't underestimate either China and Russian using gold as a weapon. If you accept that intimidation is preferable to war, then having vast reserves of gold and silver would give a nation a lot of economic power during a crisis. Combined with a widespread cyber attack against economic targets in the United States, gold and silver would be used to offer a credible alternative to fiat money. Gold and silver would be possessed by the Russians and Chinese in sufficient amounts that they could link up with the Europeans to control the world economy in the event of a United States fiat money crisis. This simply means that economic control would pass from the United States to the nation, or groups of nations, that controlled the largest amounts of physical gold and silver. This fact is not lost on the enemies of the United States. Something to ponder with Mr. Putin in charge. As for whether the United States really has any gold in Fort Knox, or secretly sold it during President Lyndon Johnson's term in the mid 1960's, this is a matter beyond the pale of this article.

In 1792 the U.S. Congress adopted a bimetallic standard (gold and silver) for the new nation's currency - with gold valued at $19.30 per troy ounce

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