Poland And Australia Buys Gold As Global Property Bubble Bursts – This Week’s Golden Nuggets

October 5, 2018
Executive & Research Director @ GoldCore

Here is our Friday digest of the important news, commentary, charts and videos we were informed by this week.

We released our latest short video update in which we explored whether the global property bubble was beginning to burst?

Positive developments in the gold market included a surge in demand for gold and silver bullion coins ‘Down Under’ with our friends at the Perth Mint of Western Australia (we have been an Approved Dealer since 2005). As the Aussie property bubble continues to burst, risk-averse investors are accumulating physical gold and silver as hedges and insurance.

Another important development was an EU central bank buying gold for the first time since 1998. Poland’s central bank added to its gold reserves in August, buying more than seven tons of gold, which followed its purchase of two tons in July.

The prudent are advocating reducing allocations to overvalued risk assets – especially bonds. We featured an excellent article by Money Week editor John Stepek in which he made the case for owning equities and gold, rather than bonds.

Stepek’s article was prescient as bond markets, especially the US bond market, have seen serious sell-offs and a marked rise in yields yesterday. The serious ramifications of this for stock markets and the wider market is now being digested.


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USA has the world’s largest holdings of gold: 8,134 - representing 77% of its Total Foreign Reserves.

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