Review Of 2014: Gold Second Best Currency…+13% In EUR And +6% GBP

January 5, 2015

At the end of each year, it is important to take stock and review how various assets have performed and what has transpired in the year gone past. 

This will give indications as to how assets will perform in the coming year and, more importantly, years.

gold price performance in 2014

Gold was the second best performing currency in 2014, with only the U.S. dollar stronger.

The Gold fix on December 31st 2014 was USD 1,199.25, EUR 986.55 and GBP 769.84 per ounce.
The Gold fix on December 31st 2013 was USD 1,201.50, EUR 872.55 and GBP 726.99 per ounce.

Gold was marginally lower in dollars in 2014 but rose in all other major currencies. Gold in euro and pound rose 13 percent and 6 percent respectively. Gold in yen rose 15 percent in 2014.


- Silver Falls Despite Robust Demand
- Stock and Bond Performance In 2014
- Oil Prices Collapse; Energy, Copper, Sugar Fall; Coffee Surges
- Regulatory Authorities Confirm Gold Rigging
- Another Year Of Paper Selling While Physical Demand Robust - Especially From China and India
- Continuing Central Bank and Russian Central Bank Demand
- Gold Repatriation Movements Gather Momentum
- Ebola - Threat Moves From Africa To West
-  Markets Sleep as U.S. Government Debt Surges Over $18 Trillion
- Move To Stealth Bail-In Regime Continues


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