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Rosen Analysis On Gold, HUI Index & Silver

October 17, 2013
Gold peaked at every LTD # 4 high and every grouping of LTD # 1 high and LTD # 2 high. Every gold peak was either at the upper trend line or above the lower trend line. Every low took place at LTD # 3 low and LTD # 5 low. All the lows were higher lows. All the highs were higher highs. Gold last bottomed at LTD # 3 low in June 2013. The next high is due to arrive at LTD # 4 high.

The HUI has bottomed at LTD # 3 low and should be moving up to LTD # 4 high along with gold.

Silver should be joining its buddy’s gold and the HUI on a major move to new highs. 




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