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The Rosen Market Timing Letter

July 19, 2008


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The Plunge Protection Team Strikes Again

The Plunge Protection Team is aptly named. Those of us who are armed with a modicum of knowledge can not be scared by or cringe when the plunge protection team goes to work. All they can do is defecate on our steps and scare the pigeons. That is why they carry plungers and are called The Plunge Protection Team. They attempt to clean up the mess made by their associates in government. When platinum and gold finally broke out above their almost three decades old high they kept on rising for several months. They returned to the decades old resistance level and tested it to see if it was now a firm support level. Platinum and gold successfully tested that level and have resumed their bull markets. The decades old high for platinum was $1,045. The decades old high for gold was $850. Their bull markets began for real once they made new highs. There is nothing any government or collection of governments can do to stop the bull market in gold. If there were, the bull market never would have begun. It’s as simple as that.

Platinum Monthly

Gold Monthly

Gold broke out above its 28 year old high of $850 an ounce and returned and successfully tested that level five months later. Before gold broke out above $850 it backed away and made a low at Delta Long Term # 2 low. Gold is moving up to Delta Long Term # 3 high due 2/18/2009. The entire recent correction took place after gold bottomed at LTD # 2 low. The stochastics indicator beneath the chart has turned positive once again. Since August 2001 every time the black line crossed above the dotted red line a substantial move up occurred. From here on out the Bull will be snorting louder than ever. In reality the true bull market is just beginning.


Silver bottomed at Delta Long Term # 2 low. It is moving up to LTD # 3 high due in 1/14/2009. The standard deviation for arrival extends out to 6/17/2009. The monthly stochastics are close to turning bullish.



The monthly chart of the HUI is a thing of beauty. It continues to climb ever higher with a few patience-trying corrections. It is close in time to beginning an explosive move up.


“Round and round and down it goes and where it bottoms I don’t knows.” Author unknown In spite of an occasional feeble move up, the dollar looks more and more moribund as it continues to sink ever lower and lower.


Since 1985, only 23 years ago, the dollar has lost 54% of its value and buying power. That is more than a disgrace. It is a national and international disaster.




It may sound like an oxymoron; however, active short term traders in order to be successful must exercise much more patience than long term investors. In addition to the need to exercise patience many times over every week or month, short term traders tend to remain glued to the ticker tape just about all day long. With Alistair Gilbert in your corner you have an expert short term trader who has all the ingredients necessary to be successful. If you follow him you will not only profit over time, but you will also have some free time, if you can stay away from the tape that is.

For those who have a longer investment time horizon you are close to entering a rip roaring bull move in the precious metals complex. If governments had the ability to stop this bull market in the precious metals it never would have started. That is a given fact that so few people seem to recognize. All government can do is jump up and down, scream and shout, threaten here, threaten there, and do what they have always done when push comes to shove - look for others to blame.

I will repeat, once having started there is no conceivable way that government can stop the bull market in the precious metals complex. Before the precious metals bull started roaming around the world’s markets he fully discounted every possible way he might be held back. Once he has discounted everything his enemies can throw at him he is free to destroy them at his leisure. It is the long term investor’s job to follow the path of leisurely investing that the precious metals bull so generously provides. More about this as time moves on.

Ron Rosen

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It is estimated that the total amount of gold mined up to the end of 2011 is approximately 166,000 tonnes.
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