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Secular Bulls In Precious Metals And Stocks

September 2, 2017

This week was the first week of the rest of your life, as well as the mark of the resumption of the secular bull market in gold.

Things are really shaping up nicely in the precious metals arena. Gold broke a major trend-line and closed the month with a breakout on expanding volume on the all-important monthly chart. Nothing is ever for sure in trading…but this is very solid action.

As for stocks, there is no rest at all and I love it. The strength is real. Let’s see if the strength continue into fall. Often, September isn’t so hot in stocks, however it’s never set in stone.

Gold broke-out and gained 2.50% this past week. Just lovely action from gold, breaking out, coming back to test $1,300, and then holding…before taking off higher again.

We do appear to be in the clear as long as $1,300 holds.

Silver led in terms of gains and notched a sweet 4.5% win last week. It’s nice to see silver close above $17.75 Friday. Things look good so let’s see how it plays out.

Platinum was no slouch as it booked a 3.05% gain for the week. Looking good Billy Ray!

As long as gold and silver remain strong, there is no reason platinum won’t follow.

However, the winner of the chicken dinner was palladium taking home a 5.47% gain. Solid action into new highs on great volume. I’d look for a test near $940 to take a trade if you’re interested.


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