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Similarities Between Apple & Gold

June 29, 2013
There are striking similarities between these two heavenly creations.
Firstly, each is a one of a kind item that heretofore defies imitation.
Secondly, mankind worldwide eagerly seeks possession.
Thirdly, both have enjoyed explosive worldwide demand during the past four years.
Fourthly, the market value of each has soared in tandem during recent years.
Finally, each has plummeted in price YTD (APPLE -25% and GOLD -26% as of June 28, 2013).
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The secular bull market in GOLD is no more over than the bull market in APPLE.  Both enjoyed fantastic appreciation in recent years…and today are experiencing normal healthy corrections. History is testament that all asset classes follow this cycle.  But this is especially true for one of a kind items that heretofore defy imitation or substitution.

And whereas APPLE’s worldwide market domination may someday wane, one must conclude there can never be an acceptable substitute for gold, which has been recognized as the universally accepted MONEY (and store of wealth) by all nations since time immemorial.   Bernard Baruch captured the essence of mankind’s ageless and endearing Love, Lure and Lore of gold when he said:

“Gold has worked down from Alexander’s time... When something holds good for two thousand years, I do not believe it can be so because of prejudice or mistaken theory.”

        - Bernard Baruch,  a 1929 and aftermath stock market guru winner

We may all rest assured that GOLD and APPLE will again reign supreme in all investors’ eyes from Boston to Berlin, to Budapest, to Beirut to Buenos Aires, to Bahia, to Bombay to Beijing.

Here is my price forecast for APPLE and GOLD taking into account their incomparable Fundamental and Technical Factors.

APPLE may retest its 2012 all-time high of $685 by yearend.

GOLD may retest its 2012 high of $1800 by March 2014.

Needless to say…BEARS WATCHING (pun intended)

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