Tom Luongo: Here’s How Far the Fed will Hike, & How Gold & Silver Respond

September 21, 2022

With a Federal Reserve meeting this Tuesday and Wednesday, where they're largely expected to raise the Fed funds rate either 75 or 100 basis points, the bigger question is how far the Fed will ultimately take rates.

Despite many calling for a pivot in Fed policy, geopolitical analyst Tom Luongo believes there is no pivot coming, and that the Fed has a different goal in mind than most market participants are thinking. As well as a different idea about how the divergence between Fed policy and the government's monetary policy will ultimately be resolved.

In the interview he also talks about how he sees these dynamics impacting the silver and gold markets, and whether this ultimately involves some sort of gold-backing in the United States monetary system.

It's another insightful call with Tom, who has an in-depth understanding of concepts that most others aren't even looking at. So to find out more, click to watch the video now!

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