Trump Victory, The Economy And Gold Price

November 9, 2016

The Trump victory was expected by us, but to be honest, it took my breath away with a certain dash of surprise. At an hour past 2am, I could not break away from the TV set, wanting to see the final result. I actually covered my eyes and had empty tears with joy. The US nation can now move past the NeoCon era, the warmonger era, the bank fraud era, the economic gutting era whereby the NeoCon nazis almost completely destroyed their host. Many key figures among the elite will find themselves being hunted, not just by the law enforcement, but by hidden entities with intentions to clean the planet of this deeply corrupted human vermin. Trump as president will have an enormous daunting task to rebuild the national economy, which has been systematically wrecked by the BushJr Admin and the Obama Admin. For those still too dim mentally to perceive, the NeoCons cut across political parties, joining the Bush Team, the Clinton Team, and the Obama Team with narcotics and globalization their common cord. That cord will be cut.

The next big shock to hit the United States will be a positive thrust from the end of military threatened conflict with respect to Russia, and even to China. With Russia the detente will involve a measured end to sanctions and a possible dismantle of NATO, whereby the Gazprom pipeline might be agreed upon with some special provisions that benefit the poorer European states. With relaxed tensions on the Chinese front, look instead to new escalation to trade war between the US and China. Trump has promised to reverse tax breaks for US-based multinational corporations that outsourced labor to the Asian front, only to have their output imported into the US. Expect some thorny negotiations, and some compromise, along with a truly massive reconstruction of the USEconomy with thousands of new little companies being formed, even with free trade zones.

The other shock will be negative to hit the United States. The global rejection of the USDollar will become put under stronger light very soon. The several non-USD platforms have greatly accelerated their volumes, something not well publicized within the US financial press. Trump will work constructively on this matter, but he might actually be a little on the defensive, since he knows well the gravity of the situation. The USDollar will soon lose its global currency reserve status, and with it comes the manifested necessity of the domestic USDollar. The Jackass has called this the New Scheiss Dollar. It has numerous east coast warehouses full of the so-called rainbow dollar. Given the $550 billion annual trade deficit, any new dollar must be devalued. My firm belief is that it will be subject to a 30% devaluation immediately, and another 30% devaluation within its first year after inception. Given the extreme difficulty and challenge to reduce the trade deficit, expect a series of further 10% devaluations in the future even after new companies are formed with a national emergency mission to export in greater volume in order to reduce the deficit. The Gold price will be released during these nasty developmental phases. Expect the COMEX and LBMA to be shut down on their paper gold operations.

The gold price will rise during this entire period of transition. The uncertainty will initially drive it higher. Later, the extreme challenges behind the new dollar and its steep devaluation schedule will drive the price higher. Meanwhile the transition from a fascist state to a capitalist state will see numerous elite figures and established institutions put under legal scrutiny. Some will be jailed, while some institutions will be reformed or vanish. The Gold price will respond to the legal strains on these former power centers. Trump knows what a fair sound currency means, since a smart man. He will eventually embrace the Gold Standard as a plank toward USEconomic Reconstruction. Many are the missing details however. Under his administration, the Gold price might find its true value, but only during a horrendous chapter for the USEconomy in its transition. It must pass through the Third World gates, at least for a year or two, maybe more.

One has to question his choice of Newt Gingrich as Secretary of State, and Rudy Guiliani as Attorney General. So the Crew of Deplorables won, and the Crew of Deportables lost, how funny! Gingrich might actually enjoy a fine second career as statesman, which could be constructive to reverse the NeoCon aggressions. Guiliani might be very effective in enabling the truth to emerge on the 9/11 crime scene, winning a pardon for himself in the process. Trump captured the anger on the clearly delineated justice gap, whereby the upper levels enjoy a pass on high crimes and misdemeanors like murder, grand larceny, influence peddling, and treason. Trump won with the men vote, the white no college vote, and the vote for real change. He embodies Andrew Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt, and PT Barnum, as one newscaster put it last night. Hillary could not energize sufficiently the black vote, and lost the white woman suburban vote very interestingly. Many women voters do indeed want a woman to break the glass ceiling, like that symbolically placed at the Javitz Center last night, but just not her. They might want a woman who is not a liar, murderer, and traitor. Hillary tried to win the Satanist vote, using Beyonce and Katie Perry and Jay-Z in campaign rallies, but Trump won with a Christian theme which was under-stated. Those entertainment professionals are all avowed Satanists. The spotlight is finally on the Satanist element of the elite. In the recent past, several clients warned the Jackass not to pursue the Satanist theme. I ignored them. Now the disgusting sordid theme is in the headlines, thanks to the courageous efforts of Wikileaks and certain FBI officers. The link between NeoCons and Satanists will be established soon in the open, to include the leading banks. A certain degree of credit goes to Bob Scheiffer and Charlie Rose at CBS, for their not so hidden criticism of the press, for getting it wrong on the polls. Other press executives showed their yellow streak and fascist bias to the end, refusing to call Pennsylvania until the bitter end. It will be extremely interesting to watch the mainstream news networks struggle for press passes to attend White House functions when their reporting was so badly biased over the past few months, and their polls were intentionally biased with over-representation of Democrats in their sampling process. Let the rebuilding begin, and not too much forgiveness for treason. Let no respite be given for murder, including the children by the Clinton Foundation. Watch the name of Madeline McCann rise up, a little girl from England. She was abducted a couple years ago, and Hillary's campaign manager Podesta might find himself embroiled in the investigation. She might have been on the Satanist altar for sacrifice by these sick gangsters.

Jim Willie

Jim Willie

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