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The United States' Condition

October 18, 2002

Exactly at what precise point things fall apart I can't tell you: what I can do is give a general status report and let you make your own decisions. I remember an old 1960's song with the line, "I wonder what condition my condition is in"; considering it was a sixties song, probably drunk or stoned or both. America is reeling under a series of blows designed, in my opinion, to collapse the military, economic and political system. Further, these blows raining down on us are designed to break our spirit and will as a people and prepare us for melting down into our globalist masters' grim future. America has been stung and is now being sucked into the belly of the globalist spider. The most depressing thing for me is that elements of our government, media, business and cultural elites are betraying America's history and ideals for their own personal gain. America is being sold out; some of the ones doing the selling are our own leaders. This used to be called treason; now, it's called business as usual. Well, not for much longer.

A series of economic crisis' will directly affect the United States before the end of the year. Argentina, you remember them don't you?, stopped debt payment on October 9th. This gives them a thirty day grace period, November 9th, until they are in official default for nonpayment of debt. The debt we are talking about is the old Brady Bonds, the 1982 Reagan Treasury Secretary who rolled over the 70's debt, is still with us. The key thing to understand is the actual repayment of the debt isn't the point. The point is the maintenance of the illusion it can be repaid by keeping up the minimum payments. Up to now, Argentina is like a debtor wrangling with his credit card company over the amount of the debt. Now, they have said we aren't paying the minimum anymore and screw you besides. It could be a hardball negotiating technique. It could be genuine. We shall find out on November 9th. By November 9th we should also have Jesse Jackson's pick as the new President of Brazil. Brazil and Argentina owe between 300 and 700 Billion dollars, depending upon who is doing the counting. They owe these dollars to the big boys: JP Morgan, CityGroup and a slew of American, European and Spanish banks. Bluntly put, Brazil goes down and JP Morgan goes down with it. JP Morgan and CityGroup go down and the FED goes down with them. CityGroup and JP Morgan are the FED; the FED is the economic system. What do you think the FED will do if JP Morgan loses billions of dollars on bad Brazil loans? It's a question you should start asking. Brazil raised interest rates to 21% and unleashed chaos. Panama is full of Red Chinese and Venezuela is seething with possibly another coup attempt. I wonder if our leaders have noticed any of this in their lusting after Iraq?

Japan continues its forever twitching without actually dying economic mode. The Nikkei 225 has gone from 40000 to 8500. The economic strains on Japan are incredible. They somehow managed to hold their system together for the September 30th end of quarter and I don't know how. The next critical dates will be the December 31st end of third quarter and the fiscal year end of March 31st 2003. The Reform Prime Minister has shuffled his cabinet and will try to regain political momentum. The Japanese people have been shattered by the North Korean abductions and cover-up. The economy is once again falling into recession. A recent government bond offering had no takers. There are trillions of dollars in bad bank loans and excessive government debt in an economy dependent upon imported oil. You tell me how this adds up to a recipe for economic prosperity. I don't see it happening in the world's number two economy anytime soon.

Given all that going on in the global economy, why is our stock market rallying? I'll get to the social context of American society in a moment, but for now I'm confused. The media tells me the 1000 point rally is based upon good job numbers and good earnings reports. Huh? Did millions of long term unemployed people suddenly get jobs in the last four days and I missed it? Oh, we didn't lose as many jobs as investors thought we would lose. Good a reason for a rally as any I guess. As for a stock rally based on earnings, here I have to admit utter incomprehension. After Enron, WorldCom et al, with their faked earnings, and several years of pro forma lies I can be forgiven for wondering about corporate earnings. Earnings reports should be transparent, except the only transparency I see is the glazed stare of investors. The market is insane to trust corporate earnings reports for a 378 point and 378 billion dollar rally. There I have said it: the market isn't so much manipulated as delusional.

Delusional is almost too kind of a term to use for the people, institutions and market manipulators running around Wall Street the last week or so. Where is a good cattle prod when you need one? The shock therapy is both needed and coming shortly. I listened to Betsy Stark of ABC news tell me the 378 point rally was due not just to "good earnings", but good earnings from CityGroup and General Motors. With my own four eyes I saw it and my own two ears heard it. CityGroup simply ignored its potential Latin American exposure. General Motors simply ignored its looming pension shortfall. For those of you who don't know, many American Corporations used, I say looted, their employee Pension Funds to enhance earnings and keep the stock price up. EDS is a good current example of this. The latest figures I've seen estimate some 640 Billion dollars will have to be transferred from future corporate profits to make up the difference due to the stock market losses. Now, is it reasonable to have a rally based upon GM earnings when you know billions will have to found to pay employee pensions? I say not, but I'm a poohbah. GM lied about its earnings in my opinion. CityGroup lied about its earnings in my opinion. The "rally" is based on fake earnings, ignored liabilities and propagandized by a whore media, whore brokerage industry and my favorite whore called Mr. Magoo. There is a whole lot of whoring going on in the Big Apple these days.

Speaking of the current social context in the American Empire these days, words come with difficulty. I went Saturday by a Pioneer Cemetery on 82nd and Holgate that now has an iron bar fence around it, something unneeded since 1880. The headstones are vandalized every Halloween by wannabe demons. In the United States we can no longer protect either the living or the dead. When we drop our children off at school we now must worry about them getting shot on the steps. When we buy gas, clean our cars or shop at suburban malls we face random death. Will Chevy Astro Doors One through Three show an Islamic terrorist, a domestic loony or a government black ops herding us into the new world order? I see the results, even as I lose interest in the cause. Does the economy really matter anymore? Politics is a farce that is increasingly unstable. Got a problem candidate in New Jersey, shop around, get a court opinion and a senile candidate. Forget about the election rules, it's all about power and who controls the Senate. The rule of law has been collapsing for some time in the American Empire. It has now completely collapsed. We are real close to open dictatorship, mob justice and anarchy. Real close.

I used to write about TSHTF and TEOTWAWKI during my Y2K phase. Well, brown stuff is everywhere these days and the American world has ended for the last few days in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. The future is Bali and Finland. The future is what we've been watching on our televisions the last week or so. Get used to it. It is here and it is here now. We haven't even invaded Iraq and its started.

The economy doesn't matter any more. The political system doesn't matter any more. Family matters. Blood matters. Character counts. Honor and integrity are all that's left in a world where we are led by incompetent liars and cheats. The system is a fraud and it's leaving you in the cross hairs of a rifle scope. I've had many exchanges about when the sheeple will wake up. They will wake up when their children are gunned down on the school steps They are waking up now. The intensity of the gun control propaganda convinces me of this. The hysterical stock rally convinces me of this. The system as we know it is collapsing. It collapsed for nearly two weeks in a large geographical area and involved multiple millions of American citizens. The collapses will spread and be used to further control. Posse Commitus means nothing, Army helicopters have taken over the airspace of Virginia and Maryland. Freedom of movement means nothing when several police have shotguns in your face simply because you drive a white van. People have allowed themselves to be disarmed, believed the system lies and are now paying for it with their blood. The curfew is self imposed. Starbucks banned outside seating because it feared its customers would be shot. Germany: late stage Weimar Republic, with Hitler in the wings is where we are now in the United States.

A stock market rally under conditions like this? Focus on what is vital and forget about the trivia. For a country about to undergo such a severe test America is buried under trivia and illusion. The Rubicon has been crossed. The blood oaths have been sworn. Do we think the American Empire will escape the consequences of its political, economic and spiritual policies? Maybe we are truly so deluded we think so, but it doesn't matter anymore. I once wrote the wolves were glaring at us from the edges of the campfire. No longer. The wolves are among us. Does anyone think the United States will be the same after the events of the last few days in Maryland and Virginia? Well, enough. The answer my friend is blowing in the wind. Blowing in the wind.

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