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UST Bond: Return to Sender

June 4, 2013

The USTreasury Bond is the primary vehicle for the USDollar. Nations do not hold the USDollar in raw currency form, except for the crime syndicates. They hold them in USTBond form, in order to gather some interest income. In the last few years, not few months, but years, the interest has been next to nothing, and surely far less than what it should be, given the risk and the nasty undermine to value by the monetary action by the central bank itself. Paltry interest aside, with all its unfortunate deterrent toward investment in USGovt debt, the USFed has been kicking out the value pillars for a very long time, far longer than the limit imposed loosely by Sir Alan Greenspasm of six to eight months. With the cost of money near zero, all markets are distorted, all assets improperly priced, and Gold marked for illicit ambush on a regular basis by the fascists. Major broad deep channels are being constructed to redeem and discharge USTreasury Bonds. They will be returned to sender. The USFed will be put under tremendous strain to absorb and soak up the supply being dumped around the world in all these major channels. The USFed balance sheet will expand, not contract, or else they will face a catastrophe in a USTBond explosion and Interest Rate Swap derivative nuclear event. The USFed has no exit available, as all doors are shut, none an option. In the process, the Gold price will rise relentlessly, while its nemesis the USTBond is dumped as a discredited bride, a vixen of unimaginable betrayal. The USGovt never had any intention of redeeming the bonded debt. Gold will prevail, as the channels fill. The Rubin Doctrine has run out of time.


The Bernanke Fed is realizing they are stuck in the monetary corner with NO EXIT. They began to mention the need for an exit in the spring months of 2009. That is when the 0% official rate should have been abandoned. Here we are four years later, and they are still stuck with no exit, precisely as the Jackass warned, forecasted, and screamed in print. The division within the USFed is becoming a regular story. Only the half-blind governors on the once august Board refuse to admit that USEconomic growth is a mirage. The brave governors have been more bold in recent months, taking a stance against the charlatan Bernanke, explaining the intractable position. The chairman has ably proved that liquidity cannot solve the current banking and financial problems mired in insolvency. In doing so, Bernanke has disproved his own PhD Economics dissertation, and has discredited his own lofty credentials with a Princeton seal. He is a sham, a Weimar agent, and a destroyer of capital. The hopelessly devoted paper mache craftsman is stuck in the Matrix.

A counter-culture comparison is due. The USFed and the Wall Street bankers have created an environment of alternative universe. The financial markets are rigged. The USDollar currency and USTBond are propped. The bankers are given free license for $trillion fraud. The big banks are dependent upon narcotics funds. The politicians are syndicate puppets, include the leader of the land. The last three presidents have been narcotics addicts, who refuse to hand over medical records to the Congress as required by law. The debts are covered by hyper monetary inflation. Jobs are being shed rapidly. The USEconomy is stuck in quicksand, as it deteriorates, while the blaring music sings about recovery.     


The fascist United States is the embodiment of the MATRIX, the multi-sequel hit movie series from the 1990s. Notice the similarity between the cold controlling deceptive alternative world Matrix architect (left) and USFed Chairman Bernanke (right). The contrast is scary. No offense to Helmut Bakaitis, the Austrian actor who played the architect. In the movie he fought the hero Neo and rogue Oracle and pesky Keymaker. They symbolize the Gold community working toward freedom from the Matrix itself, doing battle against a corrupt controlled fiat currency Matrix centered upon the USDollar, defended by the USTBond software (bank derivatives) and the banker computer consoles. The rogue programs loose within the Matrix are the Gold investors, messing up their layouts and screens. The aspect Bernanke and his gang of Wall Street bankers cannot anticipate or successfully keep at bay is the attack from the East, the comprehensive entirely new operating system being fashioned by the East which will replace the programming source code (bank procedures). It is gold trade settlement, the New Gold Trade Standard which renders the Matrix with obsolete software. It opens the door to freedom from the Matrix. The scrambling by the G-7 finance minister clowns in early May served as concrete proof of their desperation, in response to the G-20 Meeting held in Turkey. They disrupted its implementation, but bought only a little time.


In the last several years, perhaps five or six years, the stage has been set for great change. A device has been put in place by numerous nations for trade settlement in barter framework, which has bypassed the USDollar. The Chinese Yuan Swap Facility has been a sneaky bypass workaround. The United States has largely dismissed the device, calling it irrelevant as a challenge to the Supreme Dollar. However, being based in barter, it is a fair system that involves a small group of banks in China and a small group of banks in the other nation like Brazil. Since the swap facility began in 2007, it has blossomed to settle trade on a net basis between participating nations. Since its inception, the swap facility has become adopted by a growing list of nations, hardly the emerging swarthy from the other side of the world. It includes Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Belarus, Russia, and lately England with a knock at the door by France. A veritable revolution is occurring from under the US-Anglo stage, which is listing badly eastward.

The grand weakness of the West over the course of the last three decades has been the outsourcing of labor to Asia, starting with the Pacific Rim and climaxing with China itself. The Jackass vividly recalls my quality control consulting days in the 1980 decade with internal corporate clients located in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore at Digital Equipment Corp in Maynard Massachusetts. The colleague bonds were lasting. The work was tremendously rewarding. The softball teams will always be part of the etched memories. The dopes at the top made devastating decisions that affected over 100 thousand employees, as we scattered. The end result was that the emerging nations built factories, shipped finished products, accumulated significant wealth, and now find themselves restless with increasingly toxic FOREX reserves centered upon USTBonds, UKGilts, EuroBonds, and JapGovtBonds, all of which are ripe and ready for major writedowns. The debt writedowns will render damage to stored wealth.

The point is that as the list of nations participating in the Chinese Yuan Swap Facility continues to grow and to include nations with strong Western alliances, it has formed the foundation of a non-USDollar foundation for trade settlement. Think of them as stones in a great pond. With enough stones, a platform can be erected atop the stones to create a firm arena upon which to conduct and settle trade. Barter is a fair system of trade, unlike the queer paper exchange whereby nations work with labor and sweat, hand over finished products, and walk away with bonded paper bearing ink, strange elaborate markings, a certain broken promise never to repay the debt. The ink-stained bond is called the USTreasury Bond. The Chinese Yuan Swap Facility has set the stage, proving that trade settlement does not have to be based upon the USDollar. The net basis swap settlement is as simple as it is clever. The ultimate in barter is Gold Trade Settlement, again on a net basis between nations. Since honest, it is despised by the bankers who rule over the financial charred ruins with politicians in their pocket.


Just a brief note. The Saudis are not in a position to stand as the primary pillar to enforce the Petro-Dollar anymore. The Saudis decided foolishly to join the USGovt security agencies in black ops games last year, with heavy consequences. They were involved in murder of the Assad inner core in Syria. The quick retaliation by HezBollah was to murder Saudi Prince Bandar in August 2012, the Bush cohort and longtime US ally. The complexity has turned an order of magnitude more intractable, as King Abdullah is clinically dead. A few months ago, the strong king did not emerge from back surgery and its anesthesia. He is dead, but with a heartbeat. His eyes have not seen the desert sun nor a document to sign in months. News is finally out on both deaths, but Hat Trick Letter subscribers were informed long ago when the events occurred. The Western press prefers to cover up the details, to disseminate old photographs with altered time stamps, the usual fare of deception often lapped up in full gullibility.

The Saudis are out of adept adroit leaders. The Saudis are in decline of crude oil output. The Saudis are seeing sharply reduced trade surpluses. The Saudis must contend with increasingly angry and stubborn citizens, who demand change and meaningful reform, if not an end to privilege. The surviving eager princes from which to choose the next leader are a pack of meager inbred insecure half-wit dullards who will preside over the Fall of the House of Saud. With it will go the Petro-Dollar into the sunset. The hidden events of significance include arrangements already struck between the Persian Gulf member nations and China & Russia. The Chinese have increased their presence in a significant manner in the gulf. They have established numerous trade pillboxes, like distribution networks and retail centers in almost every single gulf nation. The Chinese and the Russians have promised military support in the form of troops, armadas, and missile emplacements. The Petro-Dollar used to have a military component bearing a USMilitary flag. That is missing, along with the Saudi King. It has been replaced by a Chinese flag and Russian Onyx & Sunburn missiles (one generation ahead of the US Cruise missile). All the Eastern Alliance (BRICS, G-20, SCO) developments and progress toward a non-USDollar trade solution will soon receive a Saudi endorsement, even if implicit.

The Petro-Dollar is dead, with the funeral only remaining, and a loud thud. When the Saudis cut certain deals with Iran recently over the natural gas pipeline, they sealed the USDollar fate. The news is not reported in the sleepy lapdog intrepid subservient pathetic US press. The Natural Gas Coop will be the undoing of the Petro-Dollar and even overshadow OPEC. The maestro organizer is Russian Gazprom. Expedience has allied with natural gas to form new partnerships, all of which disrupt the current geopolitical balance. The Qataris have discovered with partner Iran a large gas field in the Persian Gulf. The Israelis are fast developing their natgas riches off the floating Tamar platform. The Israelis forged a deal with mighty Gazprom, which will guarantee natgas flow to Europe and lock in significant trade surplus. Perhaps Israel will receive Gold in net settlement someday. Surely they will not want toxic USTBonds. With the numerous natgas pipelines coming online, the Petro-Dollar is doomed, since Russia is in the control room flipping switches, pulling levers, and sending toxic paper back to the sender, the USGovt.

The Kremlin is very cleverly using their natural gas card to slice the Petro-Dollar into rotten caviar at a time when the Saudis are in total disarray. Once more, Putin is the adroit chess player, as the USGovt continues its clumsy games like the Libyan disposal for a surreptitious gold raid, like the SWIFT bank blockade of Iranian banks, like the interference with the Pakistan Gas Pipeline, like the obstruction of Turkish banks to provide gold in intermediary role. The USGovt maneuvers will all backfire, as they have in the past. Eventually, natural gas will be part of the Gold Trade Settlement system. The margin in the energy industry is being defined by natural gas, as the old crude oil buddy network is dissolving.


A new trend has begun to show itself. While the West, in particular the Untied States, is locked with focus on maintaining a stable USTreasury Bond yield, the East is preparing wide channels to send toxic USTBonds back to London and New York, back to the sender. While the West is busily operating its vast Interest Rate Swap derivative machinery, the East is gathering mountains of toxic USTBonds at the gateways to the new channels directed at the financial crime centers of London and New York. While the West is anxiously seeking an exit strategy from the QE & ZIRP monetary nameplates of Weimar policy, the East has already decided to take the important initial steps in an actual exit strategy from the USDollar altogether. The Western central banks are deeply immersed in an obscene circle jerk, but without realizing their dangled reeds are but rotten shriveled orchids sewn to corrupt impotent old men. Explore the new channels, an impressive series of waterways to return toxic paper to sender in endless waves. The many channels to discard the USTBond are being established by foreign entities, in an organized manner. At first the flow in return will seem manageable. Later it will become a torrent resulting in endless waves. The Bernanke Fed will demonstrate before the world that liquidity cannot overcome insolvency, nor can it compensate for toxicity. Revoke Bernanke's PhD Doctorate! Benjamin Shalom Bernanke is not worthy of being a doctor, since a bonafide quack. He is a snake oil salesman, a toxic paper hanger, a banker errand boy bagholder, and a destroyer of economic worlds.

BRICS Development Fund, creating Gold Trade Center Bank:

By far the most dangerous and ominous channel is this fund. It has not been correctly reported in the Western press. It has intentionally been downplayed by the East. Surely it will initially serve as a source of funds for a series of projects, mostly infrastructure like railroads, super highways, mining mills, electric generating stations, and port facilities. My source has informed that the BRICS Development Fund will serve as a vast trading house to convert USTreasury Bonds into Gold bullion. It will eventually operate side by side with the newly formed Gold Trade Central Bank, with funds arriving from the emerging nation surpluses, mostly from reserves holdings, to be converted directly into Gold bullion. The Gold Standard is coming back, but in Gold Trade form, where the new fund will spin off Gold Trade Notes with legitimate and significant gold backing for conducting trade transactions. The new central bank will not be located in banking and currency. It will be centered in trade settlement, done brilliantly outside the current system that is dominated by the corrupted London and New York banking elite. The scales will soon fall off the Western analyst eyes, as they realize the BRICS are creating a Gold Trade Central Bank which will recycle toxic Western sovereign bonds, primarily USTBonds. They will convert their hard earned trade surpluses held in reserves into true tangible wealth. They will forge gold on the back of USGovt debt. Details are found in updates almost every month in the Hat Trick Letter. They will drain the West of its gold. Toxic impaired USTBond debt securities will be returned to sender, the USGovt, in very large volume, which will surely overwhelm the USFed and its Weimar press.

Rosneft Acquisition, Buyout of British Petroleum Stake:

The channel was revealed in the March buyout by Rosneft of the BP stake in a major oil deal. The $55 billion deal has Rosneft acquiring the official BP stake in BP-TBK, a large British-Russian company with significant energy deposits and production. BP will be left with a minor position. The terms of the complicated finance deal are unusual, innovative, and indicative of Anglo-American limp wrists. The Chinese provided $30 billion in loans, but in the form of USTBonds, which will be handed over to British Petroleum in the buyout. The Chinese will be guaranteed years of oil & gas pipeline supply from Russia. Regard the transaction as a CHECKMATE of the USDollar generally, of the Wall Street and London bankers specifically, and of the Anglo-American energy giants indirectly. The deal is the final chapter to the Yeltsin years being unwound. The Chinese will dump some USTBonds held in reserve in order to finance the new Eurasian Trade Zone foundation, a great irony. The US press is nowhere on this entire story, which will make Rosneft the biggest oil company on the planet, twice the size of Exxon-Mobil. The tagteam of Rosneft and Gazprom will become giant pillars to defend the new Gold Trade Standard, which will gradually attract more Western nations as partner members, the tipping region being Europe. The prize has always been Europe, which will turn attention and loyalty to Russia. Details are found in the March Hat Trick Letter. Toxic impaired USTBond debt securities will be returned to sender, the USGovt, in very large volume, which will surely overwhelm the USFed and its Weimar press.

Conversion of Russian & Chinese FX Reserves:

Very difficult to prove, but the Russians & Chinese are aggressively converting their foreign reserves into Gold bullion. The Russians possess over 20,000 tons of gold. The Chinese possess over 10,000 tons of gold. They maintain their secrets, but the reality is a major story. The US press is nowhere on the reserves story, still locked on the official IMF and WGC phony gold statistics which bear as much truth as the USGovt jobs, economy, and price inflation reports. Almost every single Western economic and financial report is a lie. Neither Russia nor China permits any export of gold mine output. However, both superpower nations have been avidly converting FOREX reserves to gold bullion. The major component of the converted reserves is USTreasury Bonds, the toxic paper undermined by the USFed itself. The destructive QE & ZIRP monetary policies are the primary motives for the conversions. Their political leverage is unclear, if they are indeed draining Switzerland or London or Rome. To be sure, deals are being cut to share the power scepter in the next chapter. My belief is that gold mine output from Mongolia to Kazakhstan is being gobbled up by Russia & China. These nations are from the Former Soviet Republics, and form the bond between the BRICS and SCO, the Shanghai Coop Organization. Toxic impaired USTBond debt securities will be returned to sender, the USGovt, in very large volume, which will surely overwhelm the USFed and its Weimar press.

Russian Supply of Oil & Gas through Pipelines:

Far more energy supply from Russian pipelines to Chinese gathering facilities will arrive than just from the Rosneft finance deal on the BP-TBK buyout acquisition. The graphic clearly displays that Russian gas pipelines already supply Europe, seen in red. Significant Russian oil pipelines also supply Europe, seen in blue. Most of the settlement transfers to Russia in payment come in the form of USTBonds and EuroBonds, soon to be eagerly converted. The pipeline structure includes important passage ways through Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) pipelines are under construction in the northern reaches of Europe. The future work will focus on the Russian connection to China, as the two giant nations have redoubled their efforts, realizing they are on the same team in alliance against the USDollar syndicate. The Chinese have received most of the tilted press coverage, but Russia holds most of the cards at the table in both gold hoards and energy supplies. The Kremlin will dispose of grand vats of toxic USTBonds, some of which will come from Chinese hands. Toxic impaired USTBond debt securities will be returned to sender, the USGovt, in very large volume, which will surely overwhelm the USFed and its Weimar press.

African Resource Deals with China:

Too numerous to cite are the deals struck by China to secure minerals and energy resources in the dark continent of Africa. Details have been provided over the years in the Hat Trick Letter report. The structure of the deals is often identical. The nation, whether Nigeria or Angola, is given a block of USTBonds by China. In return, the African nation cooperates to construct mines or ports or railways that include roadways and depots, sometimes community centers and hospitals and schools. The future output of the commodity end product eventually finds its way to Chinese ports. Battles have been raging since 2011 in Southern Africa between China and the USMilitary, both directly and between proxies. The nexus of the conflict is Congo and Djibuti at the horn. The African nations surely do not collect the USTBonds as sale proceeds for to stuff the toxic paper in their banking systems. Maybe Nigeria does to some extent, but most African nations operate on a hand to mouth basis, cashing and redeeming the bonds immediately. Toxic impaired USTBond debt securities will be returned to sender, the USGovt, in very large volume, which will surely overwhelm the USFed and its Weimar press.

Saudi Bond Redeem Petro-Dollars:

The basis of the Petro-Dollar is the recycle of OPEC oil sales, held as trade surplus, converted and stored in USTreasury Bonds. The Saudis also hold a significant amount of big US bank stocks, but no mortgage bonds since they regard them as immoral. As the planks further corrode and rot that hold the Petro-Dollar defacto standard together, the Saudis will abandon their toxic USTBonds in favor of Gold, the longstanding favorite of Arabs. Their devotion to the USTBond is a recent aberration in their long history, purely done to placate the Untied States and to earn them free USMilitary patrol and sentry protection. The Fall of the House of Saud is well underway. The only true remaining element is the sound of the impact. During the rapid disintegration process, complete with the inbred prince attempts to sit on the throne, will be the rapid conversion of USTBonds into gold bullion. They will also convert into property, like in Spain. The Saudis might follow the USGovt security agency lead, and load up on warehouses full of Swiss Franc bills. Another factor that revolves around the Saudi sun is the big petro-chemical plant on the Red Sea port, a joint project with China. Conversely, the Saudi Basic Industries (SABIC) is busily working on a giant petro-chemical plant inside China. Total bilateral trade amounted to $42 billion in year 2012. A grand discharge flow of USTBonds will surely be directed into Saudi hands to fund the project, for materials, for engineering equipment, for labor, and more. Toxic impaired USTBond debt securities will be returned to sender, the USGovt, in very large volume, which will surely overwhelm the USFed and its Weimar press.

Big US Banks Reverse the Carry Trade:

The unintended consequence of any Exit Strategy executed by the crippled USFed will be the unleashing of the torrent of USTreasury Bond sales, in a grand reversal of the massive sponsored USTBond carry trade. For four full years, the big US banks have in earnest been borrowing money at nearly 0% and investing in 10-year USTBonds to earn 2%, or in 30-year USTBonds to earn 3%. The entire process has been conducted under the direction, wisdom, and corruption of the US Federal Reserve itself. The central bank actually promotes the program as a replenishment of the big bank reserves after their tremendous losses in the post-Lehman calamity. The big US banks are no longer credit engines to supply American businesses, nor are they investment banks to foster American fledglings in business. The banks are instead vast ugly cancer wards operating as casinos, heavily committed to USTBond carry trade. They borrow short and invest long, and have accumulated a gigantic account that sits at the USFed account, under the label of Excess Reserves. Oddly, the key component on the USFed balance sheet to give the appearance of solvency is the Excess Reserves account owned not by the USFed, but by the big US banks. The USFed is an insolvent bank also, in the worst condition of all.

The USFed is a gigantic busted broken flywheel. At the second confirmed hint of that the phony rally supported by vast Interest Rate Swap derivatives has ended, the big US banks will reverse their trade. They will sell not only the USTBonds, but also the USTBond futures contracts that apply leverage gains to the corrupt operation. In time, the marriage between the USFed and the big US banks will undergo great strain. They will find there are indeed 50 ways to leave your lover. The selling process by the banks will result in a nasty phenomenon called convexity. Any attempt by the USFed to enable a rise in the bond yields will go awry, will wander badly out of control, as a result of the convexity phenomenon. Fannie Mae exposed the phenomenon in past years, when the USFed tried to enable a rise in rates. The nasty twister involves the unwind of leverage and the assured overshoot. The main point is that the big US banks will be sellers as they unwind their USTBond carry trade, an immoral source of gain. The backlash comes. Toxic impaired USTBond debt securities will be returned to sender, the USGovt, in very large volume, which will surely overwhelm the USFed and its Weimar press.


It seems the USFed has been doing an experiment, to see if the financial markets can endure a USTBond rise in yields. The reversal would qualify as a return to normalcy, but only the first of 20 to 30 needed steps up in the bond yield. To match fundamentals, the USTBond at 10-year yield would have to rise to 7% or 8% or 9% at a minimum. The first line of defense is the Interest Rate Swap on the experimental response. The second line will be the unwind of the carry trade run under USFed sponsorship. Only touching the surface, we can conclude that the USFed is conducting an experiment. They are managing a Live Stress Test. It will go badly if continued. In no way can a return to normalcy be achieved, not even part way.

The nemesis over the ages to Gold has been the USTreasury Bond. As the BRICS nations convert to build a Gold Central Bank, as the Russians pay off the London loans in the Rosneft acquisition, as the Russians & Chinese convert their FOREX reserves, as the Chinese make payment for oil & gas pipeline deliveries, as the Africans redeem from mineral and resource deals, as the big US banks reverse the carry trade, the sanctuary safe haven of the USTBond will be revealed as a fiery pit and acid spray arena. The true safe haven will be Gold. By the time the USTBond global dumping exercise is well along, expect to see the COMEX shut down, to have the Gold price go dark, for the lawsuits to line up. The COMEX has no alternative, since it will be completely and totally empty of gold. No market can continue without inventory, no matter how corrupt, no matter how powerful the bankers are, no matter what military intimidates its detractors, opponents, and enemies. Going dark is a necessary step for the release of the Gold price to truly high honest levels. It must pass through a climax storm.

As the cited channels start to flow USTBonds back to sender in London and New York, the Gold price will make great upward strides and eventually zoom out of control to the upside. The corrupt COMEX price is absolutely no indication of the Gold market right here and right now. USTreasury Bonds will be converted into Gold bullion. The process has already begun. The channels are being constructed. The flow will be tremendous, like Uncle Sam tied to a morgue table, with tubes connected to all major arteries and veins. He will be drained dry, converted into a desiccated corpse. On the floor where vats of blood will be collected, the conversion to Gold will be sudden and impressive. Opening one's eyes to the greatest Paradigm Shift in the last two centuries will be the next big megatrend, the big act. Gold will find its way in discontinuous jumps to the $7000 per ounce price. The Gold Trade Settlement platforms assure the higher price, already agreed upon in the grand reset. All is aligned, including the secretive imprisonment of 6000 bankers. Justice might not come, but they will be removed.



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At least 30 recently on correct forecasts regarding the bailout parade, numerous nationalization deals such as for Fannie Mae and the grand Mortgage Rescue.

"After first reading the Hat Trick letter a few years ago, I was amazed at Jim Willie's prophetic calls concerning the economic forgery and corruption worldwide. His knowledge, coupled with his worldwide contacts and gutsy fortitude to call out and expose the evil criminal bankers, and to expose the lying US government, forced me to become a subscriber. I have no plans to cancel. Willie's work creates an anticipated excitement for new reports issued in the middle of the month."

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(The Voice, a European gold trader source)


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