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Bert Dohmen

Analyst, Author, & Founder @ Dohmen Capital Research

Bert Dohmen is a professional trader, investor, and analyst. As the founder of Dohmen Capital Research group and Dohmen Strategies, LLC, he has been giving his analysis and forecasts to traders and investors for over 43 years.

He has been a special guest on CNBC, Fox Business News, and CNN, among others, and his analysis has been featured in some of the best known and reputable investment publications including the Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Barron’s, Future’s Magazine, and Forbes.

His contrarian analysis and perspective on markets can be found in any of Dohmen Capital Research’s landmark publications, where you can read his fundamental and technical insights and forecasts. These include the Wellington Letter, an award-winning comprehensive overview of the markets and macroeconomic trends, the Smarter Stock Trader and Fearless ETF Trader, which are geared towards short-term traders seeking to gain an edge, and the HedgeFolios active investing service, which allows individuals to quickly and easily implement replicate five model portfolios, each with their specific risk objective.

Bert Dohmen is also the author of several books on the 2008 financial crisis and the Chinese stock market crash of 2015, including Prelude to Meltdown, Financial Apocalypse, The Coming China Crisis, and The China Crisis Is Here.

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Once dismissed by notorious investors like Warren Buffet as a “valueless” investment, gold has quickly moved to the forefront of conversation as it has become one of the best performing assets this year.

Gold is perfect for use in coins and jewelry as it does not react with air or water like many other metals.

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