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The following two charts are courtesy They measure percentage movement in the silver price. The first chart shows a steady price increase from Sep 2005 to April 2006. The % price peaked at 110% in May 2006 and then...
"It's early days yet, but my gut is telling me that February 21st 2007 may turn out to be the date that the sea change started to manifest. Right now I am in the minority, if not alone in my views. However, if and when the Gold Price rises...
Whilst looking at the gold chart below, (source: I was struck by the repetitive similarity of the angles of decline in the down moves. This raised the possibility in my mind that the...
The events of the past week have served to reinforce my view that what we are witnessing is a sea change in the markets. Here is a verbatim quote from my article last week - written and published before the Chinese market fell out of bed.
The behaviour of the gold price over the past 48 hours is reflected in the chart below - source
The concerns of this writer have escalated significantly as a result of a recent unexpected development. The chart below (courtesy is a chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average dating back to the 1920s.
Long ago - so long ago that I can no longer remember exactly when - I heard the expression "an ant's eye view of the Universe". This idea was communicated to me by someone with a bigger mind than mine to facilitate my understanding that...
Its amazing how one thing leads to another. For the past few months I have been writing a novel (nearing completion) and have not been following the markets particularly closely.
This morning, whilst scrolling through the charts, the chart below (courtesy caught my eye and prompted two questions. The questions were:
The charts below (courtesy shows a comparison of the Dow Jones Industrials relative to the S&P 500 going back 30 years. (quarterly) and 3 years (daily) Two interesting points which emerge are:

Seventy-five percent of all gold in circulation has been extracted since 1910

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