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We are encouraged with the rally in gold from 1190.70 to 1209.90, as it looks like a five wave impulsive affair to us! The ensuing drop looks corrective, and complete at 1198.40!! The usual retracements for the correction are:
Gold hit the minimum target of 1216.60 that we set in yesterday’s subscriber update at almost the exact high of $1236.40
We might be seeing the first signs of the start of an impulsive move higher in gold.
Gold was down in the overnight session, hitting a low of 1272.50, at the time that this post started being written. We are likely just correcting the rally from 1252.60 to 1285.30. We expected gold to recover to the $1275 area today, and...
I’ve mentioned my background as a professional engineer in the energy business. I enjoy the mathematics of Elliott Wave Theory (EWT). Studying the wave is not a chore. It’s a joy, especially when EWT suggests something big and bullish...
With my background as a highly regarded professional engineer in the energy business, I enjoy the mathematics of Elliott Wave Theory (EWT). As the highest scoring student at one of the original Elliott Wave courses put on by Robert...

10 karat gold is 41.7% pure gold.

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