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Jason Sorens

Jason Sorens, Ph.D., is Senior Research Faculty at AIER. He is also Principal Investigator on the forthcoming New Hampshire Zoning Atlas. Jason was formerly the director of the Center for Ethics in Society at Saint Anselm College. He has researched and written more than 20 peer‐​reviewed journal articles, a book for McGill‐​Queens University Press titled Secessionism, and a biennially revised book for the Cato Institute, Freedom in the 50 States (with William Ruger).

His research is focused on housing policy and land-use regulation, U.S. state politics, fiscal federalism, and movements for regional autonomy and independence around the world. He has taught at Yale, Dartmouth, and the University at Buffalo and twice won awards for best teaching in his department. He lives in Amherst, New Hampshire.

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Jason Sorens Articles

Last month, the Bureau of Economic Analysis released 2022 data on state and metro area inflation. These new numbers give us the opportunity to see where the inflationary cycle of 2021–2022 hit hardest. We can also adjust states’ economic...

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