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“The world in which we live has an increasing number of feedback loops, causing events to be the cause of more events (say, people buy a book because other people bought it), thus generating snowballs and arbitrary and unpredictable planet...
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What Will Cause the Next Recession? $70 Tank of Gas The Housing Market Starts to Show Signs of Weakness Greenspan - Where's the Fire? Malta? New York, London, Brussels, Sofia, Toronto, Etc.
Judging from the level of complacency in the stock market, some of you may not care to make it to the second paragraph of this article--Hyman Minsky warned us about times like this! Those of you that stay until the end will find a...
The title of this week's report is based on a famous quote by the Nobel Prize winning monetary economist Milton Friedman. His view, anchored in the quantity theory of money, is that excessive money creation spawns inflation. Our research...
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The dollar is in trouble, but it has been in trouble before. Perhaps the past holds the solution everyone seeks.
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