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John Stepek

John Stepek is the editor of the best-selling financial publication in the UK, MoneyWeek.

John Stepek Articles

“We have interest rates going up at a clip that’s much faster than certainly a lot of people, including myself, would have anticipated. I think the Fed is out of control.” Central banks are independent, in theory. But that won’t stop the...
We’ve spent our entire lives in a massive economic anomaly. – A growing population gave us fiat money and an exceptionally inflationary five decades. – We’ve unleashed the fiat currency genie from the bottle.
A decade ago this week, in the US, the government had just nationalised government-sponsored mortgage lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
The Chinese stock market took a hit today. The Shanghai Composite Index ended the session down 3.8% to close at a two-year low, notes Bloomberg. What’s wrong? Investors are starting to worry that Donald Trump is deadly serious about his...
The cost to the US government of borrowing money for a decade came within sniffing distance of 3% yesterday.
OK, drama’s over. The French election has turned out pretty much exactly as expected. For all that some of the papers are leading with “French revolution” headlines, the reality is that a face-off between the right-wing Marine Le Pen of...
“If the question is when markets will recover, a first-pass answer is never.” I have to feel sorry for Paul Krugman. The Nobel prizewinning economist was clearly gutted by Donald Trump’s victory. Yet he also managed to sum up in that one...
Central banks have got the economy and markets covered. They know what they’re doing. Their theories are backed up by decades of academic research and expert advice.

Small amounts of natural gold were found in Spanish caves used by the Paleolithic Man about 40,000 B.C.

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