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Mike Getlin - CEO of Merit Gold & Silver

Raised in Portland, OR, Mike started with Merit Gold & Silver in 2006 after graduating from Harvard University with a degree in Government. He has been a guest contributor for the Wall Street Journal and International Business Times. He often provides expert analysis on The Gold Standard Radio and The Vault, online shows about precious metals. When Mike's not overseeing trading, research and operations for Merit, he's an avid outdoorsman, competitive skier and endurance mountain biker.

Mike Getlin - CEO of Merit Gold & Silver Articles

Rarely do financial writers go back and reference work from years gone by. It forces us to face up to our mistakes! Or on occasion, it validates that we actually do know what we’re talking about and did call it right. I’m proudly going to...

The King James Bible mentions gold 417 times. Not once does it mention a paper currency.

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