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Neptune Global is a full service precious metals dealer serving individual investors, the wealth management industry, broker dealers and institutional investors. The firm’s platform of investment bullion includes all forms of traditional physical precious metals in conjunction with innovative physical precious metal investment assets which provide unparalleled diversification, transparency and liquidity. Their leadership in the market is documented with such official designations as being the recipient of a US Patent for the PMC Ounce (Precious Metals Composite). While dynamic offerings such as the PMC Ounce provide investors with many of the conveniences and benefits generally associated with mutual funds and ETFs, all of Neptune Global’s product offerings remain true to the firm’s core convictions related to the time tested value ascribed to physical precious metals ownership.

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Gold is money. Every other monetary instrument is just currency. The economically accepted definition of “money” has several requirements. However, the central and intrinsic property is that real money must be “a store of value”.
Notwithstanding the expectations for a Fed pivot, along with expectations for inflation to get a lot worse, there are numerous indicators that the economy is slowing considerably.
Most investors who own gold mining stocks are in them because they expect higher prices for gold. In addition, they expect their gold mining stocks to outperform gold.
Aside from gold’s long-term value as an enduring and sound financial asset, many people take interest in the shorter-term aspects of owning the monetary metal and its monetary/commodity sidekick, silver. Today we update the weekly chart...
Gold has again broken through $2000 oz. and closed above that price. Certainly that is significant. We know that the current price of gold is near its all-time high and has flirted with that same point on several occasions in the past...
Since the practice of inflation by governments and central banks is intentional and ongoing, the expectations for the effects of that inflation are reasonably tilted to the high side. Although, allowing for differences of opinion and...
Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, Credit Suisse, First Republic, and now Deutsche Bank; the list grows longer and soon it will be too bothersome to list them all.

Gold weighs 19.3 times as much as an equal volume of water.

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