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Shannara Johnson

As Casey Research's first employee, Shannara Johnson learned the financial publishing business literally from the ground up. She has a 14-year background as an advertising copywriter in Germany, as well as 10 years' experience in editorial and direct-response writing, copyediting, and proofreading at Casey Research. As chief editor, she represents the link between the editorial and marketing departments, ensuring that all published editorial content is reader-friendly and to the point.

Shannara Johnson Articles

Grant Williams believes that the 76 million retiring Baby Boomers will trigger a major pension crisis. He should know, because he’s been studying financial history and telltale crisis patterns for nearly two decades.
Take it from “Dr. Doom”: own some physical gold and keep it out of the banking system. Dr. Marc Faber, a legendary investor and the editor/publisher of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report, is well known for his contrarian investing style.
"After listening to some of this morning's speakers, I made sure to program the number of the suicide hotline into my cell phone," real estate expert Andy Miller joked at the beginning of his speech. And legendary natural-resource investor...

U.S. ranks third in world gold production with 240 tons per year

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