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Rafi Farber returns on the show to talk about the response of the Fed to the UK economic crisis. We also discuss the circumstances of a fed pivot, Gold and Silver next catalyst, and more!
Matthew Piepenburg returns on the show to discuss why he believes there is still more economic pain ahead. He also mentions that more time is needed before seeing a sustainable rally in the Gold & Silver markets.
Joining us today is the gold expert John Butler; we discuss the history of money, the Fed's rate hike, investment strategies, and the Gold and Silver outlook going into 2023.
We are joined by Gary Wagner of The Gold Forecast to discuss his recent comments regarding Gold and Silver, where he says there is "Blood in the Streets." Furthermore, we talk about CPI numbers, inflation, Gold heading east, the Housing...
Patrick Karim returns to the show to discuss his article, "Death Of US Equities." We also review the latest trends in the Silver, Gold, and Bitcoin markets.
Nick Barisheff joins the show to talk about how the Fed is Ultimately Trapped and what this means for Gold and Silver. Furthermore, we talk about the ongoing war, the collapse of real estate, and more.
Jim Rogers returns to the show to discuss if Interest rates will rise again and what it would mean for the Gold & Silver markets. Furthermore, we discuss inflation numbers, the possibility of a central bank digital currency, the fed's...
Mark Yaxley joins us today to discuss silver premiums and some products out of stock as silver demand is up. We also talk about the energy crisis in Europe and how this will affect the price of precious metals, Gold not being an inflation...
Peter Boockvar comes back to the show to talk about Europe's Energy Crisis Latest News. Furthermore, we discuss the UK financial crisis, Central banks worldwide, and investing in commodities and precious metals to hedge against inflation...
Lawrence Lepard joins the show to give his opinion on how dire the situation will be going into 2023. Furthermore, we talk about the UK economy spiraling out of control, the energy crisis, and more.

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